My current Challenges

This whole disability business is more challenging than expected. That your world comes to a stand still, doesn't mean it stops for everybody else. I am trying to be good and rest aggressively but just running a house is a full time job by itself.

The lady who clean my house cant make it this week, so I wonder how to stop myself from taking over the task. Then is dinner for the family and all the washing and picking up!!!

So that whole schedule I made is not going so good. I am going to take it as it comes and try to refocus my energy to myself instead of everything else.


Sometimes that's the best thing to do. Everything else somehow gets taken care of or it didn't really need to be done. I also have a hard time not trying to "do it all", but with this illness I have had to ask for help a lot more than is normal for me.
Here they are very much against those of us who cant work and have been retired through ill health yet we are genuine but the govt is aiming to force everyone back no matter how ill they are
Its a daunting outlook but l dont care what they do l know l cant cope menatlly or physically with work
I dont blame you getting a cleaner
What doesnt get done here doesnt get done
Wish it were different but l got my faith which helps

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