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my computer has a virus...

my computer was infected at least 3 years ago. i gave it to my i.t. son-in-law who returned it after 3 months completely cleaned out. i opted out of facebook...was careful about surfing the net...didn't let anyone else take control of it. but for all my carefulness...there it was again...a virus.

i wouldn't impose upon my son-in-law to try to fix it again. the guy at staples said it is there and it would take $$ i don't have to fix it. and getting a new one...not an option.

so...the virus remains and with it...unpredictablility. i'm concerned every time my computer actually works that i will overuse it, overheat it, or overstimulate it, and the virus will move in to render it weirdly unusable again.

weird because it doesn't just shut down...it gets weirded out. the curser seems to have a mind of it's own. things highlight and won't unhighlight that i don't even highlight. it won't navigate. then it freezes up completely.

my only option...to shut it down using the on/off switch...which is supposed to be not good. i rest it...then attempt to start it up again...only to find it still will not cooperate. so i rest it again. then i try again...and turn it off when it goes haywire again. finally...i give up and leave it alone till the next day.

i never know. maybe today it will work. maybe not. i just have to go with it.

that virus. insidious.

sound familiar?


hi Resting, I'm sure you will get replies from the more computer literate but I will give you my amateur feedback. Do you have malware bytes or crap cleaner? I use them both they are downloadable and free and safe. I would use these or window defender run a scan use crap cleaner to clean it up. Then do a disk clean. I alternate between those and system restore in event of problems, hope that your problem can be taken care of through input here.
first if using a wireless mouse change the batteries, then clean the mouse regardless of type, this may involve opening the bottom to clean the wheels the ball moves if it's not a laser mouse. If it's a wireless mouse make sure it's not operating near cordless or mobile phones - only takes a few minutes and most mice need the attention regardless.

then download ad update malwarebytes, do a complete scan and see if it finds anything - if it does then allow it to remove what it's found, reboot and rescan - if it finds the same thing again then

download and update spybot and tell it to do a complete scan, delete what it finds and reboot/rescan - if it finds the same things then it's likely easier and faster to reinstall than remove the virus's

what antivrus program did your son-in-law install?
Hi RestingInHim,
Sleepy is right , Malwarebytes is a free program you can download and it does a decent job of catching some things that my normal AV software missed. My wife got a virus from facebook that my McAfee AV missed, but Malwarebytes found it and removed it. Also, if you are using a laptop, power/battery problems can sometimes cause the computer to do crazy things and make it seem as though you have a virus. I notice you said you had your son in law work on it 3 years ago, so if it is a laptop and you have the original battery/charger, it may be time to replace them.
what a great analogy..... :) smile for creativity and cleverness

hope you can get a new one (computer)
I had a division of my internet service provider 'clean out my computer' last year for a set fee of $99 & they installed free Microsoft security on it to constantly monitor my computer on a daily basis.

They also installed Malwarebytes so that I could run that as well (every month, or more often if I want). Malwarebytes found a virus only last week which had infected 8 files on my computer.

Malwarebytes (free) cleaned it all out successfully.

I can highly recommend it (especially if you're like me & technology challenged).
thanks so much for all the computer advice. really do appreciate it. truly!!

.....however...is Nico the only one who got the analogy?

fortunately tonight...computer is working...and i'm........
resting : )

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