Most efficacious in every case. Not

Thinking about taking LDN, and the process of slowly increasing the dosage, has coincided with taking Furosemide for water retention. I hope my reaction to LDN isn't the same as my experience with the diuretic...

My experience of drugs, legal and otherwise, is that, quite often, I have a positive reaction the first time I take the stuff, but then it loses all efficacy unless I substantially increase the dose.
It's happened with Furosemide, a diuretic, recently - the initial dose of 20mg was very effective, then the subsequent 3 doses did nothing. I doubled the dose to 40mg. Again, effective the first dose then no obvious effect after that. Then I gave up on it.

I first noticed this kind of pattern in my teens (30+ years ago), when I tried alcohol and some street drugs (amphetamines, cocaine) - deciding quite quickly that using alcohol and drugs wasn't worth the effort - having to double the 'dose' each time I used whatever stuff I was trying.

The only 'illegal' drug that actually 'worked' was Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), but the trouble with that was I had to take up to 3 times the amount my friends took before it had any effect, but then the whole lot kicked in at once and lasted, at an extremely trippy level, for 8 or 9 hours - too much effort, too much expense and just not my cup of tea, guv'.

I hope the LDN, if it has a substantial, positive, effect on my symptoms, doesn't trail off into the sunset...


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