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Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) sounded good to me when I first heard of it. However it seems to have chemicals in it, but they promote it as all natural. There are many sources for information but I will link one.

Oxalates in food can be a problem if you have a leaky gut, or some people absorb them better instead of excreting them. Also avoid them if you are prone to kidney stones. One issue is that lists of oxalate content are often very inaccurate.

If you are going gluten-free, check your shampoo and other toiletries. Many shampoos have some kind of wheat or wheat derivative in them. Some people think that is going too far, but it seems reasonable to me that our scalps absorb easily and that our skin can absorb some too.

Agave syrup was promoted as being healthier than high fructose corn syrup, but it's bad for us.

Xylitol is good, but you may want to get the type derived from birch trees. Most companies have switched to using corn cobs for their source to save money.

A lot of foods promoted as raw are not really. They just have to use a lower heat and they can claim it's raw.

If you eat corn it's hard to avoid GMO corn. The GMO corn can be grown on different land a mile away and contaminate the supposedly-non-GMO corn.

I may add to this. I would welcome other facts in the reply below or by PM.


Xylitol makes me feel yucky :/ Evidently I'm one of those few that reacts bad to it. Coconut palm sugar though works well for me.
I'm fine with GSE and xylitol. I read up on GSE before trying it, and I think the contamination claims are out of date and overblown. Search PubMed or Highwire and you will find scientific papers, some of which refer to contamination and some of which refer to pure stuff. I use Viridian.

I think I'm OK with traces of gluten, maybe because my sensitivity is not coeliac.
People with oxalate problems have to taper off them, not reduce suddenly. I don't guess I have a real problem because I reduced them suddenly without getting extra symptoms from that.

I seemingly get some symptoms if I eat higher oxalate foods in a day (the worst offenders) but it's hard to tell if the symptoms are from the oxalates.

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