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Thank you to the people who sent private messages to me. However, I do not have the time to respond. I simply want to share some information here on the blog that may help people on their journey. My original post has tons of resources for people who want to learn more.

Understand that I wrote "I was dying. Now I am healed." That means that I am no longer dying. Do not read more into it than what is stated.

Yes, I have all the symptoms that are attributed to ME CFS. I believe I wrote about all the very expensive tests and results in my original post. I was in several clinical trials. That is how I was able to "get" the expensive tests. The big trial that I was in is still recruiting (NY and CA). Search clinical to find a trial near you.

And if you have tests showing that you have high levels of toxins and you have worked to detox and heal but it has not worked then I would suggest that what you are/were doing is ineffective. How do you feel? What do your recent tests show? If your load is high then that is additional proof that what you are doing is not working. There are many resources listed in my original post where the authors and communities have gone into tremendous details and explanations about what works and has not worked -- it can be extreme for some but they are no longer dying, some have even fully recovered. This does not mean they are cured -- if they go into a sick environment they become ill almost immediately or at least quickly.

Dr. Shoemaker has a list of tests that he recommends on his website Surviving Mold. These are blood tests and thus there is a better chance of insurance covering them. Some insurers do cover the tests from Great Plains Labs that I had done and I believe that info is published on their website. Or you can call them or your insurance company to inquire.

Here are some interesting drawings from Dr. Lisa Nagy, which I believe she repurposed from Dr. William Rea. My ME CFS doctor, Irma Rey, drew something similar for me regarding the etiology of ME CFS. Nagy's drawing are on the web in the public domain so I am allowed to share them with citing her versus the drawing that Dr. Irma Rey shared with me in her office.

We are the canaries.


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