More notes on taking DQ Supps (Taking all 4, Tryptophan, Potassium and Alcohol Intolerance)

I started taking the DQ supps again in early December with favorable results... Took them for a few weeks was feeling worse and worse. In my previous SMP attempts, even when I ramped up to 9mg MFolate per day, I had no issues with Potassium deficiency. I assume my potassium stores were plentiful back then. Now they aren't and I need to supplement potassium. I learned that and was supplementing during this SMP (taking DQ supps = Simple Methylation Protocol) run.

I then found out that, for my anyway, the DQ supps were depleting me of tryptophan. So I started taking supps to address that and was feeling pretty good again. And again was feeling good at first but it didn't last.

Yesterday I think I learned that I need to take all 4 DQ supps if I'm going to take any at all. I had been taking MB12 (1 enzymatic) and a little MFolate (about 200mcg) and covering my bases with small doses of all the B's and minerals. Haphazardly threw in a little AB12 here and there. This wasn't making me feel better. Yesterday, not feeling great in the morning, I finally decided to add a little LCF back and it made an almost immediate difference in how I felt. I can't explain why taking 2 or 3 of the DQ supps didn't seem to help me.

Last night I believe I ran out of tryptophan during sleep. I had been sleeping very good lately by remembering to take my minerals before bed and extra potassium. Last night, for the first time in weeks of better sleep, my dreams turned a little dark during REM sleep (those are the dreams I will remember). These dreams tend to be more of I'm being chased, in trouble, always on the defensive, on guard. I also got the physical symptom of my head/brain has this type of distinctive swishing feeling that, I've learned, tells me I need to address Serotonin. This AM only took some p5p, B3 and 500mg Tryptophan as this point. Will take the rest of my daily supps in a few minutes.

I take this to mean that the DQ supps (all 4) actually pushed the methylation wheel yesterday and caused the Tryptophan/Serotonin shortage.

There seem to be a lot of cofactors involved in taking DQ supplements. By taking larger doses we will sooner or later create deficiencies of these if they are not corrected real-time (the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone and on and on). My first time ramping up, and having some real results, I stressed out my adrenals by possibly running out of cofactors for the TCA cycle. This was remedied by a stiff daily dose of Pantethine for a while after abruptly stopping all DQ supps.

Also noticed that I was becoming very alcohol intolerant lately which was a first for me. I don't drink a lot or often but I will like to have a beer or two every now and then. When I did was feeling very bad the next day and few days after. There was a mental aspect to this as it was not just feeling physically ill. I started again taking the potassium I was ignoring the last couple of weeks and this new acquired intolerance seems to have resolved. I went searching the web and seemed to find a little bit of support for this which I wrote about in my last blog post.


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