Monsanto and the Soft Kill

Here is a video that explains some of Monsanto's history and how they are taking over every crop on the planet with GMO seeds. Monsanto isn't just the creator of aspartame, they created the Bovine/cow growth hormone, Agent Orange for the Viet Nam War, and they create pesticides. That's just some of the things we know about. There is tons of evidence out there proving they lied about the safety of GMO's, and all the lies they told about aspartame. Monsanto is one of the most evil companies in the world. They are also the richest, which is how they get away with all this. The video is almost two hours long, but it's worth the watch. It mostly focuses on the GMO's and how they are NOT safe to eat. In fact, if you pay attention, you'll see how they KNEW from the test they did on animals that their immune systems went crazy after being fed GMO food. And they still threw it into the human food supply of us all. Monsanto creates disease. So if you ever wonder why you're sick, here's a major reason why. Between GMO's that our bodies cannot handle because many of us simply genetically cannot handle them, the same with the aspartame, and then you throw in a virus like XMRV, coupled with other coinfections that many of us have like HHV6, Lyme, and other stuff, and there you have why we're sick. No mystery there.


At this point it's better to avoid grains, or get grains from South America that are traditional (quinoa, etc). Or eat potatoes and other root veggies.
Monsato almost killed me. In 2006 I was exposed to their insecticide formula (at least pyrethroid) which was just another straw on the camel's back -> toward severe ME/CFIDS. Monsato = Voldermort.
Monsanto is the most evil company I have ever heard of.... why are they trying to kill everyone and ruin this planet!
Money is the top motivation. They do not care who they kill or hurt or disable as long as they make their billions.

Just one taste of GMO food is enough to make your immune system and internal organs have permanent damage. And we have all had some. The corn syrup is from GMO corn. The soybean oil in everything is from GMO soybeans. The list goes on and on. So you wonder why your immune went nuts, there is no mystery. You were made sick. We have all been poisoned by Monsanto's aspartame and GMO's. And I wouldn't be surprised if they had a hand in the vaccines as well.

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