Mono/Ebv suffering too long

I was diagnosed having mono around April of this year, I have been suffering from migraines as well. 8 months later I still feel fatigued, sore joints, headaches and in some of my research I came across a supplement called Gene Eden. Has anyone ever taken it?
Any other advise is welcome. Thank you Suzanne


The best thing that I can tell you based on what I wished I could have done and what my doctor had told me. In the first few years rest as much as you possibly can. If I had been smart and got it approved I would have taken LTD from my job. The only person that I know that I consider cured was able to quit his job and rested for over 1 1/2 years before he felt a change for the good and he slowly work his way out of it. I say this because he was lucky enough to get a diagnosis at about the 1 year anniversary of becoming sick, he was 36 years old. He is now back at work full time as an Engineering manager for a large engineering firm. He runs at least 3 miles a day and runs 2 marathons a year. He avoids large amounts of emotional stress like it's a plaque as that has been the only thing that has made him regress since he started recovery, but he said it could have been a virus or something else. He wasn't going to take anymore chances and you can tell he is much more mentally laid back than he has ever been. Whether he is cured or not I do not know, but I would take it any day. He never even ran before he got sick.
Thank you, yes I have been under the assumption that rest is key, hearing that alot when it comes to this type of virus. unfortunately isn't that easy for me, but I'm trying, also trying to eat healthy and take vitamins. As for now I have stopped working out, I am weining off a medication I was prescribed for migraines and just praying that I will begin to feel better really soon so I can get my self back, it has been nearly 10 months, I cant imagine being able to handle this for too much longer, but I am staying as positive as I can. Thank you for the input. Suzanne
Good day!

I'm also sick of April 2013, I had the VEB and zoster virus, paralysis and loss of sensation of my left hand, problems with gait, diarrhea, diarrhea, pneumonia, for 4 months, tremors, and other severe symptoms.

I took treatment: Valtrex 3 grams per day or 1 month, then 2 grams per day, 1 month and at the same time injections of interferon, then human immunoglobulin against EBV - one injection a month 3 times (all 10 ampoules in a pack of 1 syringe)

I began to feel better after injections of immunoglobulin.

I now accept Monolaurin, I have energy and I work as before.

You need to check your body, why not fight: immunogram, analizh on vitamins and minerals in the blood.

Try Monolaurin, but be sure to take a probiotic then!...
I looked up the monolaurin, than you so much for your input, I am struggling, and fighting hard
Try monolaurin! It is well tolerated. But we must be prepared to ensure that the virus dies, feeling unwell.

Then there will be the rise of forces

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