Mini Crash with No symptoms?!?!?

So After my crazy ski trip, I finally crashed about Wednesday. Which I expected something to happen. The weird thing for me is that I did not have other symptoms other than couldn't produce energy (AT ALL). I experienced that really muscle tiredness while trying to go up the stairs and basic functions.

I didn't get any other symptom (except the constant joint pain that I have been living with), but pain did not get worse like it should have.

But I had a very active weekend and had people over and all, going back at full steam again. Maybe I should hold off on heavy duty activities and work my way up LOL.

I started the from fatigue to fantastic powder again. It has been about one week and I feel great like always on it. Unfortunately today my stomach started getting upset like every time I use this product. But It has given me remission before so I will try to stick with it as long as I can stomach it (pun intended LOL).

I am happy!


great to hear you are doing so well.

dont you just hate it when something really helps in some way but makes another symptom a lot worst! Im like that with undenatured whey, it improves my ME/CFS but on the other hand, my bowels cant tollerate it.

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