Minerals Minerals and more Minerals

Doing very good on my new Mineral protocol (in my previous post). Energy is starting to return, the most noticeable thing has been how it has evened out my mood. No more roller coaster and a bit of optimism coming through. Not sure if that is mostly the Chromium and Vanadium which are notorious for controlling blood sugar but I'll take it.

Also possible that I have a Mercury burden from years of Mercury amalgam fillings. Klinghardt mentions:

Mineral deficiency provides the opportunity for toxic metals to attach themselves to vacant binding sites. A healthy mineral base is a prerequisite for all metal detox attempts (selenium, zinc, manganese, germanium, molybdenum etc.). Substituting minerals can detoxify the body by itself.
Based on this article I just ordered Ultra-Min from iherb.com

couple of good quotes from the above article:

Unless one receives specific medical guidance, it's not a good idea to take large amounts of single minerals, especially chelated ones (they're absorbed so much better.) Trace minerals compete with each other for transport through the body and if you take large amounts of one you'll crowd out some of the others and run the risk of hard-to-identify deficiency symptoms down the road. Instead, it's best to get a good trace mineral formula.
It's important to avoid mixing one's trace minerals with whole grains. Whole grains contain phytic acid, which can bind with the minerals and make them difficult to absorb.
Also have some Mineral Salt on the way for trace minerals. Added 500 mg Vitamin C yesterday and today. Will start adding back B-vitamins soon. I have barely taken any B Vitamins for the last 2 weeks and feeling very good on just minerals and the A, E, and D I'm taking.

Quote from this article:
Ensuring that you are getting plenty of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and good cholesterol in your diet. This strengthens and supports both your glandular and digestive systems, to make sure that your body knows which and how much of each of the minerals to absorb.
This article also has some good info on how to get more trace minerals in your body

How much to take?

I'm thinking taking minerals in proportion to the percentages in the human body

Or possibly taking both vitamins in minerals in the proportions of some of the healthiest foods (mother nature knows what's best for us)

Take a look at Brocolli and Spinach for example.

A couple more good articles are from Weston Price with this interesting diagram:

and eidon.com has this great minerals interaction/synergy chart.

The Doctor Within has a good section on what the body needs/does with certain minerals.


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