Milking the Cash Cow (CFS victims)

Was reading a post about Teitelbaum when it occurred to me that the discovery of XMRV with the subsequent expected flurry of research and treatments (keep your fingers crossed), may put a lot of people in the CFS business out of work.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of expensive memberships which provide you with the same 'ol, same 'ol articles on pain and sleep. I'm tired of specialists with their exorbitant fees who can't offer you anything but relief for . . . your pain and sleep. Or a 10-step program, or coping ideas, suggestions that you're stressed and depressed, and, therefore, it's your fault you're sick, and if only you would exercise even tho your VO2 MAX is 16.

I'm tired of the charlatans peddling their own "cure," the CDC's "Research to Nowhere," and skepticism of XMRV by some of the most bogus peddlers of all. Have you noticed that those whose treatments are furthest from the science behind this illness, are those who are screaming their skepticism the loudest?

I have no use for those who have bilked us and milked us for all we're worth.

Enough is enough, and it must end.


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