midodrine day 5

Full day again, a 12h work day. I exercised at lunch break, did yoga and contrary to popular believe, I did better than the people doing it for a while, I kept up well and did not find it a chore at all. I stopped when HR went over 115 (My AT) waited for HR to go back down but kept going. Just want to keep under AT because I don't know what to expect yet.

I woke up every hour last night, not sure what that was about but it didn't seem to bother me during the day.

I am still feeling the breathing kinda of unnatural. Getting spine and neck pain, nothing advil cannot take care of. And yes is spine!!! Some, very mild burning in spine so I guess I am overdoing it :eek: But I don't even call this PEM.

Will slow down tomorrow. Just testing my limits, I wanted to do it this way, because I wanted to try the deconditioning theory and I wanted to make sure I didn't have a question in my mind on what is CFS inability Vs deconditioning.


I believe this whole 'deconditioning' thing is another way to blame the patient for their illness, that is, we are just a bunch of lazy welfare bums. It's a convenient diversion from the fact that most of us are not receiving appropriate treatments.

Obviously that characterization does not apply to you. Just reading about all your activities wears me out, lol.
Still going. I increased the LDN to 3mg so I am in pain like I always do when I increase dose. But I have the same energy and PEM and OI are under control. I am having very bad headache today. Not sure if I have a sinus infection or what is going on. I also got off the last of the temazepan dose 2 nights ago. So a lot of changes all at once.

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