midodrine day 3

WOW talking about life changing moments.

I have been on this drug for 3 days and I have not stopped, I mean I traveled today and one of the flights was a 4hr, went to work for a bit and I am still going.:lol:

I just sit and enjoy what normal feels like, I hope this drug will keep working great for me because I feel so wonderful!!!

I kinda stopped the OI exercises, Not sure I need them anymore? I will up the exercise and try to build the aerobic now. Not sure how I am doing this.

LDN is still in the same dose, I am not sure what to do because is making me sleepy. I am seriously considering going back on dose. Will give it 2 more days if Sleepiness continuous then I will lower it to 1.5mg.

The rest good, the only CFS symptom I had today was pain in the neck but nothing that advil didn't take care of.

Just dreaming about a future here!!!!!


Thanks so much for sharing, I might be starting on it soon depending on my results. The ivabradine def isn't working, so I'm hoping they will try me on midodrine.
What dose of LDN are you on?
I am struggling with LDN doses. I need to eventually be on 4.5mg but I am at 1.5mg+ half of the 1.5 pill (one pill and a half), But I am getting sleepy on LDN so I might have to go back to 1.5, I said 2 days more and see if the sleepiness goes away (is a numbness like in brain) today was much better so I might just stay at that dose for a while.

I think we need to be on whatever that gets the OI treated, there is so much option that I would look into each one until you feel good. I am a example that it is possible. So hang in there and try until you get that under control.
2mg of ldn may be the right amount for you. 4.5 mg may be way too much. Don't assume automatically that you have to be on 4.5 mg.

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