Mid January 2011

In January 2011 between the sittings for amalgam removal, I saw 2 doctors. The first was a dermatologist because I was so itchy and he diagnosed psoriasis of the scalp.

My Dr also recommended that I go see Dr Aubrey who might order the thyroid meds I was asking for. With a TSH of 3.6, Dr Galema thought that I did not need treatment. I wanted it below 2.

Symptoms don't matter much in the face of lab values. And a person never has a purely physical symptom again after a psychiatric diagnosis. That is how it has seemed to me anyway.

I placed a call to a Gold's Gym somewhere in New York and talked to one of the bodybuilders. They used cytomel = T3 to get ripped for competition. I even tried to get some sent from Turkey. Canada Customs were not amused and sent me a letter that invited me never to try that again. As if someone can get a package from Turkey without a compulsory inspection.

I was beginning to expect that my adrenals were complaining. The magic of the first doses of thyroid meds was fleeting. Thyroid meds work by telling cells in the body to "get to work" and the adrenals were saying, "screw you, thyroid".

I could barely walk by the time I saw Dr Aubrey. These trips to town were starting to have ramifications. It was taking me 3 days to recover from an afternoon trip to town. I asked him if he knew about the effects of mercury on the endocrine system and he assured me that he did.

On second thought, I am not going to spend a lot of time on this part because it is a dead end. I did benefit from getting IV vitamin C when coming off round and it made the day my best of the week. In other words, I felt sick and not as if I was dying.

I did receive levothyroxine 25 mcg a day and as I had a 3 month supply in addition to my wife's old scripts, I had a supply for the time being.

We will finish with Dr A later. I think if I am going to use this as a script someday that I should try to remain chronological as much as possible.

Let's look at the aftermath of the second sitting for amalgam removal that took place on January 19th 2011.


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