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I have been dealing with chronic fatigue for half a year now and was diagnosed with lyme. I have not done anything about methylation because it is overwhelming with my brain not functioning as well as it could. I want to find a nutritionist possibly or someone familiar with methylation to possibly look at my results and help me figure out. I remember I had low folate tested a couple months ago. Which areas of methylation analysis actually hold any credence? I read so much about but I ended up reading conflicting stuff. I really want to find something that could help give me more energy again. I would super appreciate if anyone could look at my results and give me some advice.


@RiverOak, I see that you haven't received any replies to help you. I'm sorry about that. I think it's because we are all looking for ways to get more energy. Time, for me is how I feel better. Time and making sure I rest when my body tells me I'm fatigued.
Also, do you have Orthostatic Hypotension? If you're not sure or don't know, it means every time you stand your blood pressure drops. That takes blood away from your brain and causes fatigue, what we CFS people also call "brain fog". You might want to look into that. There is treatment.

I'm sorry you have ME/CFS from getting Lyme disease. I do have a friend who has the same. She has been able to recover some so she can do more. Never lose hope, listen to your body, try to be patient.

People on Phoenix Rising are so supportive and understand.

Hope you can feel better soon. Sometimes it's just better instead of bad and that's good.
Hugs to you!

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