Methylation Recovery Log 8/3 - 7/4

Its been more then a month since my last update on my progress with meythlation. I lost track of it as I have been quite busy this week.
In my previous entry I noticed how I had spikes in my health that occured once a week or so. This trend continued for the first week, but after that I entered into a fog-like state for a couple weeks or so. I believe part of what brought this on was my consumption of carob chocolate. I ended up buying a couple bars for myself as a treat, but I noticed that my stomach started hurting shortly after eating. My denial of its effects got to the point of absurdity when I started routinely eating carob chocolate, only to throw up half an hour later because of my stomach pains.

Another scary part of my recovery during this period was that I came down with two different illnesses. 3 weeks in a stomach bug came through my area. I was hit particularly hard by it, to the point where eating anything caused stomach pain. It lasted about 5 days or so. Thankfully I got over it the same day I ended up going out to a resturant with my friends. Unfornately I must have been a little to close to a sick friend of mine because I ended up catching whatever they had afterwards.

But it wasn't all bad. Past couple of days have been interesting for me in a couple of ways. One of the more subtle, but noticable changes was that my back stopped hurting so much. For some time my back had been hurting non-stop and I had no way of dealing with it. Thankfully it stopped hurting recently.
Another nice change has been my ability to meditate longer. Previously it was a real battle to just sit down for 10 minutes, now I can do so easily. (Watching my breath is a little harder)

I don't attribute these two changes to any of the psychological work I've done (although it has been helpful). I seriously think my body is starting to heal. Which is both amazing and scary at the same time.


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