Methylation recovery log 7/5/15 to 7/6/15

Note: I did not do an update for the 30 days between 8/4/15 and 7/5/15 due to illness and lack of progress. You did not miss out on much.
Futhermore I have come down with an awful cold recently that is effecting me. Despite this I remain positive, due to the changes I have undergone over the last 30 days, both in regards to my condition and my mental state / outlook.

With that out of the way, lets get started on the changes I have undergone over the last 30 days.
The biggest change has been switching to freddd's protocol. I was unsatisifed with my progress on Rich's protocol - I felt like I was getting nowhere and I was having an awful reaction one of the supplements, the holistic health multivitamin, the AllInOne multi vit which is apperently a key part of the recovery protocol. When I took more then 1/10th of the multivitamin it would put me into an incredibly drowsy state - I likened it to an opiated state. However I believe the B12 I was taking was having an affect on me as I started to feel better over time. This then allowed me to look further into the resources on methylation here and actually understand it. I saw that a lot of people were seeing quicker and better results off of freddd's protocol so I decided to switch over.

Thankfully, for this writeup I aquired the supplements on the day I started the protocol, meaning I could start my log and the protocol at the same time. Unfornately I read the information regarding the supplements wrong and brought 2 sets of MeB12 pills and did not buy any AB12. I also did not get a vitamin B complex, which meant I suffered from overmethylation in the beginning. I had also been taking L-Cartine Furmate before the supplements arrived.

Looking at my notes I started with extremely low dosages of Folate, around 1/4 to 1/2 of a tablet and moved up to 2 tablets per day until the B complex arrived. I only started taking larger dosages when I got my hands on a B complex. I didn't notice much of a difference in how I felt in relation to folate dosage, especially after I started taking the B complex. Probably because I stopped overmethylating.

Another notable step over the period was receiving the AboB12 at around day 13. Unfornately due to not wanting to upset anything I took small doses of AB12 each day, rather then a large weekly dose. I still got a lot out of the AB12 however, I remember one day when I didn't take it and I felt like there was something that was missing.

The MeB12 had a extremely noticable effect on me over the first couple of days of taking it. I stumbled across a post by Freddd talking about the cognitive 'brightening' effect it has. I definitely remember a feeling weird sort of mental clarity as I took in the tablet. I don't notice this effect anymore, but that may be due to keeping the dosage stable (Around 2.5 to 3.5 mg a day for the past 15 or so days). Regardless, I feel it has definitely led to improvements.

I believe the LCF has more subtle effects. One of the side effects that people have attributed to it is a brightening of colors. I have definitely noticed this more and more. Also due to not paying close attention to physical exertion I probably have overlooked the improvements I have made in this area.

One of the biggest problems with my recovery of this period was my lack of access to the 'critical cofactors' which are outlined in the protocol. While I have a couple of them lying around at home (Vitamin D, Zinc, Fish Oil), others I have had to order after the fact. I bring this up because about a week ago I started getting extremely strong cravings for bread, cakes and other grains. (I have been gluten free for about 2-3 years now)
These subsided after I had some gluten free bread. The conclusion I draw from this is that something is happening to my body that is making it use up nutrients that are present in those foods. That at the very least something is happening. Hopefully the cofactors I ordered arrive in the next week.

Speaking of orders, do a fantastic job. Other Australians haven noted the speed of their delivery, despite being an American based company. It took about 3-4 weeks for my supplements to arrive for Rich's protocol and only a week for iherb. Super awesome.


And now the fun stuff. Here is a short summary of the stuff I have been able to do over the past couple of weeks thanks to my improved energy.

-Finish up my university assessment, including my final exams. Didn't fail anything.
-Start socializing more with friends.
-Improved my meditation practice. On a good day I can sit and stare at a wall for 30 minutes straight.
-Went to two of my friends 21sts and managed to have a hellva time despite being unable to drink (alcohol intolerant)
-Read. A lot, all things considered. Here is a list of books I've read over the past 30 days

Something Happened - Jospeh Heller
War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy
Tolstoy : A Russian Life - Rosamaund Bartlett
The God Instinct : Jessie Bering
Why the Penis is Shaped Like That and Other Refections on Being Human : Jesie Bering
The Longest Seige, Trobruk : Pan Macmillan
Crime and Punishment : Fyodor Dostoyevsky (3/5th of the way through)

Hope to see you again in 30 days. Heres a graph of my energy levels over the last 30 days.
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Congrats on keeping at it and doing well - especially at Uni. I agree with you about iHerb, even now the exchange rate is not in our favour. Wendy from Sydney

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