Methylation / Ketogenic Recovery Log 9/7/15 - 7/8/15

If you're a observant reader of my updates (highly unlikely), you'll have noticed this entry has a change in the title. I have incorprated the ketogenic diet into my life as another method of recovery from CFS. So far I have noticed increases in important areas, such as energy and concentration. That being said, starting the diet was an extremely painful experience due to falling off in regards to the nutrients I was taking in daily.
I also started cutting back on my dosages of methylB12 and methylfolate due to the lack of progress I was making in this area. Maybe the way I was going about the protocol was incorrect, but I felt that I wasn't getting any benefit and it was just a money sink. As of now I have cut back my methylfolate dosage to 0 and my methylb12 dosage to 1 a day - all while noticing little to no affect on my energy. I do not think that Freddd's protocol is faulty, I merely think that there are now diminishing returns if I try and pursue it. I think that going on the protocol did heal me on some level, but that the healing did not translate to immediate short term results. The ketogenic diet on the other hand has given me in a pretty short space of time much more energy then messing around with b12 supplements and folate. I might try going back on Freddd's protocol once I feel I have reached a plateau with the ketogenic diet.

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I started the ketogenic diet on day 1. I got myself out of ketosis on day 12-15. I messed up my electrolytes between days 26-30 (hence the dropoff in energy)

With that all out of the way, I want to end by putting forward a question to phoenixrising. Why is it nobody is talking about the ketogenic diet? A quick search reveals about 5 or so small threads where it comes up, all fairly positive. But aside from that, nobody is talking about it here. I'm not claiming it's a pancrea or anything, but it's kinda odd that something which seems to have results when it comes to CFS is totally overlooked in the discussion.

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