Methylation Glossary Draft - Feedback wanted!

I decided recently that I would like to give back to this community, after it gave me a foundation to start healing from. I thought that the best way to do this would be to create a glossary of terms commonly used in the methylation forums, as it would be a benefit to a new individual who is usually completely overwhelmed by the place.

Anyway I wrote this up over the last hour or so. I would work on it further but I'm doing stuff with friends soon, so I thought I would just show people what I've managed to get so far. Any and all comments / suggestions would be fantastic, I feel I'm just scratching the surface with what I've got so far.


Glossary of terms regarding methylation

This is designed as a point of reference for all people interested in the relation between Chronic Fatigue and the methylation cycle. Please contact me (bsw on if you feel this is missing something or needs corrections. I apologise as I am suffering from Chronic Fatigue myself and put as much energy into this as it deserves.

23andme: A web service that does genetic testing. Can be helpful when it comes to choosing supplements for methylation recovery.
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP): A base unit of cellular energy. Often called the "molecular unit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer. Created by Mitochondrion.
B12: An important vitamin that assists with brain function, the nervous system and blood formation. Specific types of B12 are recommended when approaching CFS through methylation. Most supplemented B12 is administered sublingually due to the stomach only being able to effectively absorb small amounts of B12 at a point in time.
AdoB12 (Adenosylcobalamin): A specific type of B12 necessary for dealing with the deadlock quartet. (Also goes by Dibencoplex or Dibencozide)
MethylB12 (Methylcobalamin): A specific type of B12 necessary for dealing with the deadlock quartet.
L-Cartine Furmate: Amino acid that is used as a nutritional supplement for weight loss or energy improvements. Affects mitochondria when taken. Necessary for dealing with the deadlock quartet.
CFS: Shorthand for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Deadlock Quartet: Four different supplements (AboB12, MethylB12, Folic Acid, L-Cartine Furmate) that are all dependant on one another to get to full effectiveness. A vital part of Freddd's protocol.
Detox: The process of removing toxins from the body, through the liver, skin or kidneys. In regards to methylation, it is presumed that the body passively stores toxins when it can't process them. Restoring the methylation cycle therefore can release these toxins into the body.
Folic Acid (AKA B9): An important vitamin found in vegetables, used primarily by the . Methylfolate is a type of folic acid that cannot be synthesized by people with CFS and therefore has to be supplemented? Methylfolate is necessary for dealing with the deadlock quartet.
Glutathione: Antioxidant synthesized inside the body. Individuals suffering from CFS usually have reduced levels of Glutathione. Supplementing Glutathione can have negative side effects.
Kreb Cycle: A series of bodily chemical reactions present in all aerobic organisms that generates energy by converting carbohydrates, fats and proteins into ATP. Individuals suffering from CFS usually have their Kerb Cycle damaged.
Freddd: A systems analyst from the United States who began to suffer from CFS in the 70's. Spent decades dealing with CFS and trying to find a cure. Through trial and error he discovered the deadlock quartet, which he then based a protocol around.
Methylation Cycle: A universal cellular process that performs multiple bodily functions. It is theorised that a dysfunctional methylation cycle is considered to be a possible cause of CFS. Approaching CFS through methylation means taking steps to get the methylation cycle working properly again.
Mitochondrion: An organ within a cell that generates ATP, which is where the majority of the cells energy comes from. Cells can have multiple Mitochondrion (plural Mitochondira). Mitochondira damage is believed to be a primary symptom of CFS.
Muscle Testing: The process of using
Potassium: Element, necessary for cellular function. While healing the methylation cycle causes an increased need for potassium (which can be potentially fatal if untreated!)
Phosphatidyl Serine Complex: A supplement recommended in Rich's protocol. Supports cognitive function.
Protocol: A series of steps laid out with the intention of helping individuals recover from CFS. Notable protocols include Rich's protocol and Freddd's protocol.
PWC: Shorthand for People With Chronic fatigue syndrome
Sublingual: A method of administrating drugs by placing them under the tongue and letting them dissolve, so that the absorption of the drug takes place over a longer period. Most types of B12 are sublingual.
Rich Van Konynenburg: A physics researcher who originally proposed a that stress-induced glutathione depletion caused CFS back in 2004. He ended up refining his theory in 2009 to include the Methylation cycle based on work by the work of Dr. Amy Yasko.
Rich passed away September 26, 2012.
Titrate: Continuously measure and adjust the balance of (a physiological function or dosage). Within the context of Methylation, the patient generally determines their own balance, keeping within boundaries set by whatever protocol they're following.​
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Hi BSW. It would be great if you could put some white space into this, make it a lot easier to read and comment. I'll be back in the morning, great to see the work you've done. thx, ahmo
It would be a great idea to boldface each term, too - more easy to separate term and definition. Thanks for this resource!

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