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==> Methylation Forum Notes: SMP Cofactor Notes

In this blog post I'm going to try to collect information on all the possible co-factors one might need or incur a deficiency when doing Freddd's version of the SMP. If you find anything that might belong here please post in the comments and I will add to the page after review.

Freddd's reply to how much MB12 to take when ramping up MFolate: click here
the beginning of the post click here (How to Titrate to Get Out of Donut Hole Insufficiency)

Freddd's list of cofactors:
"So, A low strength b-complex limited to NO FOLIC ACID, NO CYANOCOBALAMIN, 20mg max b1, 30-40 max b2 and 100mg max b3 total of 2 doses in a day.
Vitamins A, C, D, E, magnesium, selenium, calcium, zinc, potassium (and that must be on hand and then titrated to need, maybe 200-3000mg a day for a lot of people), omega3 oils, lecithin"

(My Note: Potassium and C, I believe, should be taken apart from the other supplements as they diminish the effect of some.)

=== Electrolytes ============================
Dr. Ben:
Take electrolytes BEFORE taking any form of methylfolate OR methylcobalamin.

Link to my blog post about Dr. Ben's MTHFRAde

=== B Vitamins ============================
List of Possible B-Complex formulas:

Notes on preventing methyl-folate side effects:

Notes on taking cofactors:

=== Potassium ============================

How much Potassium do you take?

HowIrecovered.com's Understanding Potassium

=== Magnesium ============================

Gondwanaland: (regarding magnesium)
"In my experience, each and every one of the B vits will increase the need for magnesium, especially B9 and B6. If you increase them you will have to increase magnesium accordingly. I wrote about it here and here. I think the purpose of supplementing B6 is to improve magnesium metabolism - so you've got to have it!"

"Freddd says B1, B2 and B3 will increase your need for potassium (which in its turn will increase the need for margnesium)"

"I like to recommend this link about magnesium because it contains all about it, including warning about overdoing it: http://george-eby-research.com/html/depression-anxiety.html
And this one about synergists and antagonists: http://www.acu-cell.com/acn2.html"

Over the past few months I've found that I'm very sensitive to magnesium intake. If I don't get enough of it, I can tell within a day because certain symptoms start showing up again (headache, neck and shoulder pains, cramps in my calves, low energy, constipation). I've found that I need about 800mg/day in order to feel relatively well.

That's very interesting -- I had a huge new need for magnesium after I started B-12, but at that time had found a lot of other deficiencies for the first time and new thyroid issues, so did not make the connection

I've just started methylation and I'm actually doing really well I think. I'm reading that with more potassium we need magnesium.

Mg deficiency affects MTHFR? Really?

=== Lithium ============================
Lithium has been discussed as something that helps get the MB12 and MFolate into the cells (expand on this)

Nancy Mullan's article on Lithium (scroll down)
"Lithium induces B12 transport into the cells thus driving the long route. This can happen with just the standing levels of B12 without additional supplementation. B12 binding capacity as well as white count will go up in the presence of lithium. B12 deficiency is known to lead to degeneration of the central nervous system and psychiatric disturbances such as affective disorders and manic psychosis. Violent criminals as a group have the lowest levels of lithium in hair. There is not only a relationship between lithium, B12 and folate, but also between low lithium and anxiety, aggression, bipolar disorder and SZ."

Lithium, B12 and mercury and sleep

I honestly dunno.. but Amy Yasko told us for years to push B12...then she figured out it was going nowhere without lithium & in fact that B12 was using up our lithium (some of us).....which we were dumping like crazy, so then the advice became fix lithium b4 adding b12 ..."

=== Vitamin D ============================
Magnesium is very important for vitamin d3, it seems. I feel worse when taking high doses (>10k) of vitamin d3 but magnesium and k2 make it better. It does activate the immune system and d3's anti-inflammatory effect is very much visible on my skin the very next day! :)

Keep feeding the building blocks that D3 needs and go slow, that's what I did and turned out better than only D3 for me

Vitamin D causes potassium and methylfolate deficiency.

Too Much Vitamin D, Carolyn Dean

Vitamin D is probably the most frequent deadlock item outside of the Deadlock Quartet. I've never seen anybody with methylation startup with E, but have seen quite a few with D.

=== TMG ============================
I found that TMG brought ATP wiring down quite a bit by changing the balance. Good luck.
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