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What I call magnesium deficiency symptoms are heart palps and twitchy feet waking me up during sleep. Who knows, maybe those have been potassium symptoms the whole time, or maybe a combination of magnesium and potassium deficiency.

I use Vinco's magnesium glycinate powder, Longevity Plus BioEnergyC (vit C buffered with ribose), and salt (plain table salt).

My tell-tale was an unusual and specific stiffness in my upper back.

low K+ also gives me heartburn-like feelings.

My baseline creeped up to 3.2 g/day, with 1/2 AM and PM (1Tb K gluconate powder). Then I needed an additional tsp (540 mg) 1-2 x during day, plus in the middle of the night. So my increased needs probably totalled around 5g. I was also needing magnesium to accompany the K+, 400-800 mg several times a day.

I think that when I'm low on potassium, I get tachycardia (pulse 100-120).

I get muscle cramps as the most noticeable symptom and I take k gluconate.

My main mineral symptom is restless legs -- or, when it's bad, my whole body -- at night

Caledonia, My doc mentioned my pulse was elevated when I was low in potassium

i finally figured out how to bring my extreme alkaline pH down. D-Ribose works like a charm.

this was not easy to figure out because I'm trying to avoid sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride. sodium bicarbonate is not good for anyone trying to moderate sodium. it also causes potassium dumping.

It's amazing to me how reliable the cramps are - as soon as I increase my b12 dose, the cramps start again. Just increased my potassium up to 3500 mg as a result of increasing 500 mcg of b12 to 4.5mg

All the methylation symptoms are reliable too, more energy, compulsion to do things, mild headache, difficulty sleeping, feeling warm, and overemotional.

I'm up to 5,400 mg potassium now. Cramping is greatly reduced but still have a little bit. I seem to sleep poorly on the days that I increase potassium.
I also take 2 g of magnesium.
Still struggling to keep urine pH from going too alkaline...

Just got my genetic profile back from 123andme and someone was nice enough to walk me through it who pointed out my heterogenous ACE Del16 rs4343 is known to be related to potassium loss
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