==> Methylation Forum Notes: Non SMP Cause and effect symptom notes as I find them.

Possibly because I'm a celiac and my gut never healed completely. Or I'm having immune system reactions.

I had many improvements prior to starting these just by going on the elimination diet. Esp gluten but other food intolerances are responsible for my various "cfs" symptoms. For ex, gluten caused neuro reactions, the phlegm in my throat was and still is from soy. Shiners are from dairy (black under the eyes, start near my nose but will show up under my eye if I don't stop eating dairy)

Poultry makes me lethargic if I eat it too many meals in a row.
Corn always causes me to get sores on my scalp. Sometimes they're crusty but not always.
My ataxia vanished one year post gf diet when my B12 was in the 200 range.
For my husband taking royal jelly (BH4?) every morning about 1/2 hour before breakfast for about 2 months (Oct-Nov) apparently cleared his sinus for good. If he gets sinus congestion in the morning, the 1st thing I do is give him his RJ dose and after a few minutes he's good. I have always suspected his sinus issues were ammonia related.

That's really interesting re royal jelly and sinus (nor did I realize rj/BH4 connection). When I was initially researching mangosteen for mast cell, a commenter on iherb recommended opening a capsule onto tongue for sinus issues. Royal jelly and mangosteen are both extremely helpful for mast cell flares. Relationship between mast cell and ammonia??

Fishoil has always been part of my supplementation regime and it never helped with vision. Vit A helped immensely with circadian rhytm, but I can't take it regularly since it makes my hair fall copiously and makes me sleepy during the day. My multimineral is really helping with cloudy vision right now (especially at dimming day light/sunset) - it's gotta be either manganese or boron - and digestive enzymes.
I add malic acid to the bicarb baths. this has been an extraordinary fix for my ammonia issues. I learned of it on the thread linked above by sregan.

  • When you take a digestive enzyme formula with your meal, the enzymes work on speeding up the breakdown of the food in your stomach.
  • When you take a proteolytic enzyme formula between meals, the enzymes do not get stuck working in your stomach or wrapped up with your food and passed out through the colon. Instead, they quickly enter your bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, they help optimize your blood, plus they make their way to all of the tissues throughout your body, where they assist with intelligent, adaptive healing."
"Sulfite is neurotoxic. Sulfite will be over produced by the CBS up regulation, and then requires conversion in to the less toxic sulfate molecule by the enzyme Sulfite Oxidase (SUOX). SUOX can easily be overwhelmed. Molybdenum is required for SUOX function, and is typically depleted in CBS (+/+) or (+/-) individuals. Molybdenum supplementation (3 drops or 75 mcg of e-lyte Molybdenum twice a day), Boron 3 mg/day, Vitamin E succinate 400 IU/day, and hydroxy-B12 2000 mcg/day are also utilized to speed up SUOX activity."
Tryptophan hydroxylase is increased by phosphorylation, especially protein kinase A, which is dependent on cAMP and by calcium and magnesium. BH4 is the cofactor in this reaction. In order to maximize BH4, you need vitamin C, folate and/or niacin, plus molybdenum.


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