Methylation for glyphosate and other pesticide/herbicide detoxification

Earlier this year I ramped up to 9mg mfolate and probably 15mg of MB12 per day and a small amount of ACBL. Started taking the usual cofactors (Mag, Potassium, low dose b-complex, etc) and accelerators including Lithium, LCF and TMG. Had some really good days I wrote about on the forum and in my blog.

Started to feel some adrenal stress and seemed that high dose Pantethine was going to take care of that. I stuck that out as long as I could then just stopped cold turkey. I tried to roll with the punches and adjust my protocol. I found that I seemed to be deficient in B3 and had some really good days at the beginning on that but something again was out of balance.

Someone asked me if after being off the protocol if I felt better than when I started. I said no.

I now need to revise that answer. It's yes. But I had to stop taking just about everything. I'm feeling better when taking no supplements. Calm and more like myself. Something did happen.

Our bodies are constantly assaulted by the food we eat. If you're not eating 100% organic (in the US) then you're eating poison. This video shows what happens to a family when they start eating organic. The levels of pesticides their bodies constantly have to try to detox drops down to near nothing.

I assumed my life of having Mercury fillings was my main culprit until I saw my daughter struggle with some of the same issues I had as a child and still struggle with today. She's never had a mercury filling. I've got to assume it's something else.

In June of 2013 the FDA raised the allowable limit of Glyphosate in food because GMO crops require MORE not less pesticide as promised. It's safe to say that everyone in the US could be harboring a substantial burden of this pesticide alone not to mention the others.

So my conclusion is that my couple of months of enhanced methylation somehow substantially decreased my body/brain burden of toxins. I'm wondering if everyone should be taking methylation supplements. Mercola had this article today saying that only 4% of the worlds population was free from Health complaints. It's probably because we're all being poisoned.

Anyway I plan to cycle methylation from time to time and hopefully each time clear out (chelate) more and more of the poisons in my body and mind.


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