Mercury, Please Retrograde

...right out of my body. Stop stirring around my brain & reabsorbing & poisoning me. I cannot get you out!

Yesterday, I will call a 6, though toward the end of the day, immense brain fog & some serious fatigue kicked in. Compared to how scary last weekend was & how dark my mood has been, even sliding down the number scale was no big deal. Plus, I fully expect to be "tired" after taking care of kids all day & not getting enough sleep. There's tired & then there's the catatonic, hard-to-breathe tired. I'm taking the Fluconazole today. Dr.Birkie kindly informed me yesterday that there was no way fungus was living in my cerebral spinal column. Oh, when will he learn? My conundrum is how to get going on the rest of the supplements before mercury retrograde hits (I wish there were some connection between the real mercury in my body) & the finish of the new moon.


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