Mercury and Lead poisoning and px with high methionine foods

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I had my dna data analyzed and was told that do not have a methylation problem. The only genetic problems he found were these:

Risk for celiac disease (rs2858331 +/+). No homozygous SNPs among well researched polymorphism related to the methyl cycle. Potentially lower levels of dopamine (COMT -/-).

I suffer from chronic body odor (old grease, sulfur and whatever methionine smell like when not metabolized??). When I eat potato chips, avocados, chicken, eggs, etc., I give off a malodor. Is there a supplement I can use to offset this problem that I believe is linked to mercury and lead poisoning?

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Go buy Dr Andrew Cutler's books on mercury toxicity. What I learned from Dr Cutler was that about 35 to 50% of mercury toxic patients develop a sulfur food sensitivity. You should test for that. Cutler has a list of high and low sulfur foods.

Doing a food elimination diet on sulfur is extremely difficult. Take the exercise seriously.

The symptom you watch for is that about three to four hours after a large sulfur load, you start to feel very ill. One of the key tells for me was taking coffee. It would make me feel very energetic (caffeine of course) in the first hour, but three or four hours later I had a monster crash and general feeling of malaise. Coffee is high sulfur. When I fully tested the elimination diet, it was clear I did have a sulfur sensitivity. Supposedly this begins to go away after you get mercury out of tissues.

The sulfur promotes thiols. These stir up the mercury and then it resettles in new places, causing these symptoms.

Cutler's book also has a section talking about body odor.
Thank you for your post. I bought Cutler's handbook many years ago. I completely starve on the low sulfur diet and I've also noticed that the foods that are low sulfur tend to create more candida. So it's tough. You mentioned coffee being high in sulfur, and I wonder whether my taking coffee enemas is a bad thing even though it helps to increase glutathione production. Cutler doesn't mention that in his book.

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