Mercury Again

This blog, as I said, is to be a script for a series of You Tube videos. I am not doing much in terms of proof-reading. It is more important that things get said and less important whether I repeat myself. I'll try not to though

My dentist did not believe that mercury in amalgam fillings was a health issue for anyone. He didn't cross the line into condescension but it was close. He acquiesced when I presented an argument that Bipolar Disorder is related to a decreased bioavailability of glutathione and mercury lowers glutathione and therefore I wanted to eliminate any potential exposures.

He said, "I don' know anything about that....OK".

Poor dentists. Studies have shown them to have up to 500x the levels of mercury in the hypothalamus area. What they should have is a study of the spouses of dentists to see whether they have detected any changes over the years.

I had 12 large amalgams and lost one with a tooth extraction, So, 11 fillings with one side per sitting December 13th and Jan 19th.

I read up on safe removal of amalgam fillings and I asked for an external air supply and a rubber dam. I took extra Vitamin C and I put 5 weeks between sittings. I took charcoal capsules.

What I should have taken was the "heel-toe express" when the dentist and dental assistant came in without protection to handle the mercury fillings. If they didn't care to protect themselves what were the chances that they would take the care that I needed them to take to protect me?

The most important variables to limit my exposure to mercury were out of my control. Things like - the speed of the drill, the amount of drilling as opposed to prying, choice of bit and the amount of coolant. Remember the "smoking teeth" You Tube video?

By the way, this was all figured out in hindsight. I was pretty sick when I sat in that chair. The amino acids had failed and I was just on Truehope, fish oil and a couple of other supplements. I was not thinking clearly. That and I trusted the dentist to know his shit.

Two days after the sitting I was quite a bit worse. I didn't know what was wrong. I was interpreting the symptoms as "an atypical depression". I dodged the November seasonal depression and I thought that perhaps this was a delayed arrival of my old nemesis. Only this time the symptoms were different for some reason.

The next week I went to a Christmas Concert at a theater and my tinnitus was the loudest thing in the room. Louder than a whole school of excited children.

By this time, I had a copy of Amalgam Illness by Dr Andrew Cutler. A lot of what I read hit home. There is a description of the Hg-tox personality and boy, a lot of that stuff was right on the money. Especially, the hypersensitivity to criticism and underlying irritability.

It predicted the difficulties that I was having focusing my eyes in the morning. It appeared that Hg was not evenly distributed throughout the brain - who knew? Instead, it concentrated in the hypothalamus area and the occipital lobe.

The 3rd cranial nerve passes through the hypothalamus (sella turcica) on its way from the brain stem to the eye and it becomes "poisoned". I would not be able to focus on the computer screen easily for a couple of hours every morning.

It also predicted thyroid problems and I learned a couple of the soft symptoms. I had a lot of skin problems and wouldn't notice one way or the other about dry skin. Looking in the mirror I saw that the outer parts of my eyebrows were gone!

When exactly did that happen? I looked in the mirror every single day, how could I not notice. I asked my Dr for thyroid pills and he said, "No, your TSH is fine." I told him that 3.6 was not considered fine by cutting edge endocrinologists.

I would like it to be below 2 and explained that thyroid pills were used to treat Rapid-Cycling Bipolar Disorder. He made a referral to see a psychiatrist. I agreed. I wanted thyroid pills and thought that Bipolar might be the symptom that would give me access.

I was also told to seek out Dr Aubrey who is an Integrative Dr in North Bay. "He orders treatments that other Dr's won't."

We are now in early January 2011, my year from hell. Close to the time when I started this blog.

The shit is about to hit the fan. My mind is unclear, I had strange depressive symptoms, I was feeling weak and had a hard time to do things like clear the driveway. I still thought that I had Bipolar and I was beginning to accept that I also had Hg-tox.

I am still 3 weeks from realizing that they are the same thing.


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