Meds and Insurance RANT

Went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescrips today. I was told my pain med has doubled in price to fifty six dollars a bottle and my insurance will not cover it. There is no patient assist for it because it's an odd med that hardly anyone gets anymore. Yeah, because it actually works on this disease. tylenol/butalbital combo.

My insurance won't pay for anything that actually helps me. Anything my doc wants to give me, the insurance is like NO. I am so sick of it. So much for medical reform in this country.

So she gave me Donnatal that I used to get years ago and I'll give it a try again. If you mix Donnatal with tylenol and benadryl, it kind of works the same as the butalbital. Donnatal is phenobarb with belladonna. The belladonna soothes the central nervous system and is very good for advanced Lyme and inflamed nerve diseases like HHV6. It's just that, like everything else, it will make you sleepy and can only be used when you plan on being dead for a few days.

My insurance also won't pay for Aciphex, but it may be a blessing in disguise cause I didn't feel good from the samples she gave me. All those ppi's make me worse. I'll have to stick with pepsid ac, which the insurance also won't cover.

I'm just so sick of fighting with the insurance for things I NEED. I was doing well on the butalbital, I NEED the butalbital. They have no right to say no when it's the only pain killer I can take because I can't take narcs and I can't take NSAIDS. I hate my insurance, just hate them.


I can understand how frustrating & infuriating that must be, Carrigon.

The latest item on this morning's news in Melbourne is that they are going to "crack down" on the population who use drugs to get high.

So it will be even harder to buy over the counter pain meds.

People using these (Australian) Nurofen Plus, Panadeine & Mersyndol brands with codeine, ibuprofen & paracetamol, are going to have to consult with the Pharmacist before being allowed to purchase them. Previously, you could buy these items off the shelf.

Everyone has different needs & reactions to pain meds and patients should have the right to use what works for them in these chronic illness situations.

I'm not talking about slight headaches, I'm talking about nerve pain that is excruciating (since I have experienced this many times, I know it is not a joke. It can be unbearable).

I prefer natural alternative therapies where possible, but I have to admit that there are times when I would fall in a big heap if I couldn't access prescription strength analgesics for those excruciating pain episodes that really drive me to distraction & fry my nerves to a tinder.
You know the sad thing, the drug addicts have no problem getting the drugs. They can usually score any pill they want to. But it's us who actually NEED it that can never get it.
I used to be on Donnatol. It really helped me to sleep. In some respects, this is why I don't feel like paying for my prescription coverage. It doesn't cover barbituates. Like Klonopin and ativan which help me a lot. I am fortunate to be given a lot of samples but most of my stuff is supplements.

I feel your pain. It's wrong. They have really cut down and back on pain and barbituate meds.
Spitfire- I don't know why your insurance doesn't cover Klonopin or ativan. They are benzodiazapines, not barbiturates.
I supposedly have good insurance and they don't cover much. The only good thing is that they cover most tests but not doctors I see and any meds I've considered. I am thinking about a high deductible plan and paying out of pocket for everything else. Can't have a "good" plan and pay out of pocket for most medical expenses.

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