Medical Signs & Symptoms for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (from Social Security Ruling)

Social Security has a special ruling about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Unfortunately, it is confusing and easy to misunderstand.

To keep your head from exploding, I have put together this simpler list of Medical Signs & Symptoms from the ruling.

Please don’t let this list make you crazy. You do not need to meet everything exactly. You can still be approved even if you do not meet this exact list.

If at all possible, it is wonderful if you can review this list with your doctor and talk about how to document these signs and symptoms in your records.

If helpful, you can print the list in the attachment below to bring with you to your doctor.

Please keep in mind: Documenting these symptoms yourself will not be very significant. Social Security would like them to be documented by a medical doctor. A nurse practitioner or physician's assistant is not the same as a medical doctor (MD).

Also always remember: Never, ever assume that your doctor will know anything about Social Security policies if you do not show them. They don't teach this stuff in med school!

In this list, I have only included medical signs and symptoms. I will post about other parts of the ruling separately. One step at a time :)


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