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ME/CFS Symptom Lists and Other Resources

Here are links to ME/CFS symptom lists and other resources.

Symptoms, diagnosis
Canadian Consensus Criteria - Comprehensive diagnostic criteria agreed upon by ME/CFS specialists.

International Consensus Criteria - Another document of comprehensive diagnostic criteria agreed upon by ME specialists.

Dr. Katrina Berne's CFS and Fibromyalgia Symptom List - Useful for finding symptoms you didn't realize may be related to ME/CFS.

Testing, treatment, and support
Hip's Roadmap for Testing and Treatment - Hip is a member of Phoenix Rising who has compiled a detailed document that lists tests for ruling out other conditions and covers potential treatments.

Erica Verrillo's CFS Treatment Guide (Second edition) - An excellent in-depth guide.

ME/CFS: A Primer for Clinical Practitioners - 2014 Edition

129-page Sourcebook for teachers of pupils with ME and FM with Drs Bell and Carruthers (PDF)

ME/CFS Pediatric Primer, co-authored by Dr Katherine Rowe of RCH Melbourne and MCRI
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