ME/CFS gets a new name: Systemic Exertion Induced Disease or S.E.I.D.

Yesterday, 2/10/15, the IOM put out the report from the meeting last week to give ME CFS a new name and new diagnostic criteria. Now they're going to call it Systemic Exertion Induced Disease. How lame is that. It doesn't sound any better than Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, in not only my opinion, but my daughter's as well. She not only grew up with a mother, seeing all the neurological problems, she is a P.A. now and did her Master's Thesis on CFS. She was a "bit" upset with the new name, as was I. What do you think? If you "Google" S.E.I.D., the report comes right up.


I think it is an absolute ridiculous name and should not in any way be considered. I like your adjective better............LAME.
That is awesome as a joke. Systemic Exertion Induced Disease... "wow thats so funny lol". As something serious affecting chronically ill people it is yet another infuriating insult.

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