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ME ayurvedic view

In ayurveda ME is not mentioned separately anywhere.
There are certain conditions where the symptoms are similar to ME
#One is 'rasa kshaya'.
'Rasa' is one tissue, 'kshaya' means deficiency
I cannot explain this with help of modern science.
'Rasa' is the first tissue produced in our body after digestion of food.
This 'rasa' gives nourishment to all other tissues .
Symptoms of 'rasa kshaya' are 'roukshya' means dryness, 'srama' means exhaustion, 'shosha' means emaciation , 'glani' means laziness, 'sabda asahishnutha'means intolerance to sound.
#Another condition is 'vatha vridhi'
'Vatha' is one 'dosha'
'Vridhi' means aggravation
,'Dosha' is the element which controls the physiological activities.
Symptoms of vatha' aggravation are
'Karshya' means emaciation
'Ushnakamitva' means intolerance to cold
'Kampa' means tremor
'Sakritgraha' means constipation
'Bala bhramsa' means weakness
'Indriya bhramsa' means malfunction of sense organs
'Nidra bhramsa' means sleeplessness
'Bhrama' means giddiness
'deenada' means tiredness
Most of symptoms of both conditions mentioned above are seen in ME patients.
I consider 'vatha vridhi' as this condition and treated according to that,
In ME the 'vatha vridhi' is seen not only in rasa level also in 'meda dhatu'
{'Meda is fat tissue.}


Very interesting, How do you choose the treatment for This condition?
First shodhana(detox) is done, medicines for snehapana (medicated ghee or oil)are chosen depending on present condition . Then shodhana(detox) is done, either vamana(inducing vomiting) or virechanam (purgation) and nasya is done. After that rasayana is started. Also samana oushadhi (medicines) depending on dosha. Along with that sirodhara with appropriate oil is also done
Not a pitta condition then? What would you say is the role of agni in all this?
Agni mandya will be there . But the prominent dosha involved is vatha

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