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So I have done some research, directed in part by Forums information.

Mast Cell Activitation Syndrome

I have had such a bad week. Dust allergies have been over active. This past week my heart has really been struggling, I have trouble breathing, and my nasal breathing has been an issue for months. I have been taking Zyrtec, which has not helped in the least. I have a lifelong Rx for Flonase, limited help. However this has been the first Fall through Spring that I have not had a violent cough in many years.

I can smell dust. I did a damp dusting of my bedroom a week ago. It took all day and set off a major crash. Whenever I leave the room I can smell it. I can barely tolerate another room of the house because of the smell of dust and because my poor little heart can't handle being up, or any movement at all. Then I can't breathe.

I found an article

So I am now, as of 5 minutes ago, taking Aspirin. It did not say how much, but I started with two. at 325 mg each. I think that will be plenty.

At this point, what can it hurt.

Today I have felt as if I should be making some final preparations, tying up loose ends, etc.


Within hours the nasal swelling was gone. My heart calmed down and I no longer felt winded.
Repeated aspirin the next day, then none for three days. The problems have not returned. Who knew?
I will repeat treatment if the symptoms return.

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