May - Planting Moon

These articles are simply about the energies of each moon of the year. I wrote and published all of these in a long article years ago. Today I’m going to share them here, one by one, each month. These teachings/philosophies are from my Native American mentor who guided me through my childhood and taught me a great deal about this world and his people. I met him when I was 9 winters of age, and he began teaching me a year later when he was 86 winters of age. He was of the Munsee Lenni Lenape.

In December I will post two entries because they're not 12 moons in a year, but 13 full moons.
Each year has 13 moons, not 12.
Each moon is about 28 days long, but not exactly.
Since the calendar doesn’t add up, a Leap Year is inserted every 4 years to balance the scales.

Hopefully, the April Moon was healthy, fulfilling, and reflective of the self in reference to the opening of Spring energies and the idea of Value, as spoken about in the last newsletter.
The snow has melted in the Vermont valleys, but in the high country along with the Long Range and even in deep river canyons there remains the presence and reminder of winter in the form of snow and ice.

Let us get into the May Moon and its energies within the Medicine Wheel. In the traditions of my mentor's people, the Moon of May was called the Planting Moon. Not the Flower Blooming Moon?? Nope. Even though up here in Vermont the very early spring flowers are indeed blooming, it is a bit too early to do much planting because of the constant threats of frost for the first half of the month. But we need to remember that my mentor's people did not live this far north. In the region where they dwelled, May was an optimal time to plant crops.

Today we can of course start planting in greenhouses, but Native Americans obviously didn’t have those. Right now I can just slowly wander through our mountain yard and see many wonderful early spring flowers; daffodils, trout lily, spring beauties, white trillium, maroon trillium, Dutchmen’s breeches, hepatica, a few blue cohosh, and coltsfoot to name a few.

The Planting Moon is of course a major growth moon of the year. It is by far the most dramatic change of environmental conditions into the bursting of growth of any Moon. Opposite of October when everything falls away and the land turns from late summer to barren brown, May can be seen entering in a slightly greening state of progression to go out looking like its mid-summer! The environment plants and grows all around us. Cold seeds fallen from last year’s harvest, frozen in the earth all winter, start to feel the warming of the soil and feel the light changes just above them. The elements work together to awaken the planted. In turn, the sleepy seeds begin to plant themselves!

As the earth thaws and moistens the seeds shift and turn, dig and settle. They plant themselves into a position to grow. Everything works together to bring about the new growing season.

We too can embrace that energy of the Planting Moon. In April during the Green Grass Moon, I spoke of Value as the energy of the Moon, the Moon’s Medicine. If we took advantage of that energy and assessed all that we value and the very meaning of the term, we can now open to the energy of the Planting Moon. All we have done during the last harvest season, let settled all winter in a deeply introspective state and internal rejuvenation, can now be consciously planted through our awareness. Taking the time to pick the seeds of knowledge and wisdom we gained from last year, we can now plant these refined seeds into our conscious awareness and path of continual growth in order that they may continue our trail of movement through life.

The Green Grass Moon is the time to ponder and situate Value, just like determining what you want to grow in this year's food garden. It is the layout for growth ahead. Now that the Planting Moon is here, it is time to literally plant those ideas and values so that they may grow.

The Medicine of the May Moon is New Beginnings. The action is Planting, the Medicine is New Beginnings.

We have now entered fully into the physical side of the Medicine Wheel. The pace of life is picking up fast! Plants and animals are through with preparation, they are now fully engaging in the sacred wonders of growth. Seedlings and eggs, small furry critters in earthen caves emerge into this physical world. May is the time of New Beginnings; new awakenings in the physical plane of existence. It is a time to start new projects and pursue new or newly refined dreams, goals, and forms of expression. The Planting Moon is the moon to rejoice in who you are as a unique individual, and your connection to everything you see around you; physical, alive, both pain and pleasure of physical movement and honor those gifts by embracing life!

My ancestors called this physical world Midgard, part of the 9 worlds or 9 realms of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. They only knew two seasons, Winter and Summer; the time of cold, dark, and death, and the time of light, warmth, and life.

Wherever you are in this world, I hope you choose to embrace both the action, Planting, and Medicine, New Beginnings, of the Moon of May to the fullest! It is time to look to the now and ahead. Time for reflection on the past is for autumn and winter. Now is the time for the Now – embrace it and LIVE!

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Hey All,
Been absent for a while again... my son and wife contracted covid and so I was taking care of them for some time. They are both healed up and all is well. My wife is still tired and working through that occasional dry lingering cough, but she pulled through.
Oddly, after direct exposure for the entire length of both their contagion times, I didn't get infected with it.

Anyway, thought I would get the May Moon article up before it becomes June!
Been absent for a while again... my son and wife contracted covid and so I was taking care of them for some time. They are both healed up and all is well. My wife is still tired and working through that occasional dry lingering cough, but she pulled through.
glad you doing better, sorry to here the family got COVID.

Everybody improve and feel better! and thanks for posting!
Thanks. Hope you have all been doing as well as you are able, and spring has been pleasant in your personal rotations of the world.

Even with everything that has been going on, I have not been idle. I’ve been experimenting with UV rays and detailed in Johannes’ thread:

This UV exposure as possible ME/CFS treatment for me seems to really be doing something! Last year I finished writing a book, but then my ME/CFS got so severe I had to put the project away. Because of the daily sun exposure this month, and small amounts the last two weeks of April, I’ve managed to bring the book back out, get it edited and send it off for formatting.

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