May: ME/CFS and other NEIDs Awareness Month - Critical! MAY IS OUR MONTH!!!

May: ME/CFS and other NEIDs Awareness Month
Posted by Karen Mascuch Ravitz on 3 April 2011


Awareness Month is Quickly Coming Up!

We as patients, advocates, friends and family can make a positive impact this year on ME/CFS awareness, biomedical research funding and treatment.

We are Invisible No More & Silent No More!!!

Here is a list of some of the sources for May Activities:


"" Yes, it is .co and not .com

CDC Demonstration:

RESCIND 10 Letters Campaign:

Tweet for Neuroimmune Disease Awareness:

Please let us know on our FB Causes Home page if there are other Awareness Month Events that need posting.

Lets do whatever we can to become involved and make this the most productive May ever!

Please spread the word. Click "I read this", and post on your facebook page.

Thank you for all your support!

The MCWPA Team

(Great stores!! I now have 5 tee shirts with the heavy slogan on the back that tells all the diseases that the WPI believes this Retrovirus may cause. I wear those tee-shirts out in public and I do get attention - which is what I want. People MUST read my back when they are waiting in line behind me - also, I'm 5'10 so a big walking billboard - buy from the stores!!!):thumbsup:


Why is it that no one is talking about the May awareness activities?
Does anyone plan to go to Washington?
Anyone plan to testify either personally or by phone.
I know there is also an option to write personal testimony which will be distributed to the community members.
I have thought about that option and started writing a letter. It's taking a lot out of me but, if I would know for sure that the members will read it (and not "filing" it in the garbage bin), I would make an effort to finish it and send it.
Is it that everyone is disillusioned and feel that nothing will be accomplished anyway?

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