May as well try out this blog business

I'm mainly doing this as a test, since hopefully I will be working on setting up the themes soon, and I want to get familiar with how the blogs look for that. The main thing I've observed so far is that the comments come out in a smaller font size than the blog entry, which I don't like. There also seems to be an "about the author" section in italics (which I personally find really hard to read), but it's only a few lines so maybe that's not an issue, and it might just have been that one blog.

Today is not being particularly fun. There are burst water mains all over the city, and they've been digging up the road outside my front window for five or six hours now. They're now working on the fourth hole, so who knows what's going on in there. I have some water in a couple of water bottles and that's pretty much it. I think I'll have to try to get out to use the toilet at my partner's shop, which is a minute's walk away, and pick up some food for later while I'm at it, something that doesn't require water to prepare I really don't feel up to a trip out, my head's been a bit shimmery since yesterday and the drilling has made it worse. Gah. Scottish Water have at least assured me that the team will work until the job is done, rather than knocking off at three or what have you, and that it is incredibly unlikely that it will take more than one day. But they don't know exactly what is going on nor how much longer it will take to fix.


Could you stay home and use up all of your water, and could your partner bring in water and food later?
There was only about half a litre to use up! We don't have a water tank, we have a combi boiler. I trotted out to his shop to use their loo, rested to chat to the volunteers for a bit, and nipped to the supermarket while I was there to get a couple of ready meals, some satsumas and some chocolate desserty things (the last needed for psychological reasons by now!). Scottish Water have supplied big six-packs of two-litre bottles of water free of charge, thankfully just by the corner of the road, and my partner picked one of them up. I am now trying to work out whether we could manage to flush the loo using one of these, because I really don't fancy going out again. I spoke to one of the guys working down there, on hole #4, and he said that they haven't found the problem yet. When they do find it, it will still be 2-3 hours more before the water is turned back on.

I ran into a neighbour, who says that 150 properties have been affected by this incident alone, not to mention the other nine incidents in the city. They have a 10 month old baby in the house, so they're probably having no end of fun!

Honestly, give me a power cut any time. Sitting by candlelight is at least romantic.
We had the same problem over here in West Lothian back in Feb. I think it was. Scottish Water did handle it quite well I have to say and delivered cases of water bottles to most of the houses in the village. It lasted for a few days. Hope you have your water back now. That plus all of our power supply problems in the winter it sure has been an interesting last 6 months over here. Yeah power cuts one can live with.... water cuts are the pits !
A few days? Yikes. We were climbing the walls with only one day. The water came back on at about 5pm, and thankfully we'd snagged enough of the bottled water provided by Scottish Water to be able to flush the loo, so I didn't have to traipse out again.

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