Manifesto Against Protein

Just a thought, in most of the civilized world we take in many times more protein than recommended (and don't get even half the RDA of fiber). Even on a Vegan diet I usually get twice the RDA every day in protein. What if stripped down processed protein is as bad as processed sugar or white flour (up until yesterday I've used protein shakes for literally years which started with my running days). What if so much protein in the diet is like sugar in the way that some people get insulin resistance, it can proceed a kind of protein resistance in which valuable amino acids start to get blocked. Insulin doesn't just interact with sugar, it interacts with aminos and fat transport also -- what if it's tied together?

I have to take L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, and often can't sleep without L-Tryptophan or GABA -- why would this be in a diet so completely filled with protein? My cup should be filled every single day, yet I have less energy than a starving man. In fact the weakness strongly mimics starvation.

Before going Vegan I would snack on boiled eggs, bits of cheese, and other high protein foods because I thought I needed more and more protein AND have protein shakes. Despite running and working out sometimes 2 hours a day or more I couldn't take off and keep off weight.

Although I've been taking every tonic and powder and thing you can buy over the Internet I've steadily gotten worse. So, trying something new and cutting out the protein at least down to the RDA recommendation and upping that fiber level to crazy levels.

If protein made a person strong and healthy I shouldn't be sick that's for sure (and as a runner - I've tried all protein -- I even have a dried goat protein powder in my pantry along with Hemp, Vega, Garden of Life, Muscle Milk, BioChem, Egg White, PBFit, Vegan Fermented Protein and many many others).

Maybe the meat, dairy, and protein powder industry really can push this stuff with money that the naysayers don't even begin to have.

I get - totally understand - that absolutely everything you read and see and will get from health articles endorses protein, (people I totally respect endorse protein 6x per day) I don't want to start trying to cite articles or the NIH, I just want to bring up the question, what if they're incredible and terribly wrong.

------ The experiment ----

So for my experiment of one (N=1) -- I'm going to drop my protein powders into the garbage. I'm going to try to track my intake down around recommended levels.

If you want to see my macros and what I eat I'm on My Fitness Pal, "Positive Panda 7" I just signed up and was doing a little work on macros yesterday to see how protein skewed so haven't actually logged yet - but if you friend me I'll unlock my diary and you can know all the intricate factoids of what I eat and how much and what happens. I'll also make a box for supplements so you can see what I supplement and how much. I'll put in all my foods before bed.

So follow me on MFP if you're curious or stay tuned I'll try to update this in a couple of weeks and let you know how it goes. I was thinking my health benefits lately was a rise in natural fiber from the food I ate (which seriously did help my GI) but what if I have more energy because my protein level dropped? I'm Vegan since May first (vegetarian since February) and had positive results adding more fiber, but I still get twice as much protein as recommended in the form of Soy, plant-based protein powder, meat replacements (think Tofurky), tofu etc. I'm going to cut protein down and see what happens.
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