Making Marly Count! Vote To Win $25,000 for ME/CFS

<img src="" align="right" />Marly Silverman is a worker! How many people have played a major role in creating not one or two but three organizations? Marly first created PANDORA, then in response to the CDC's new website, dreamed up the MWCPA and then was a key figure in getting the Coalition4MECFS off the ground.

Plainly put Marly makes things happen. My first hankering of that occurred in 2007 while I was stewing in Southern California bemoaning my inability to get to the Florida Conference. It was Marly who not only told me to get off my butt and make it happen and provided some funds to do that. Thus started Phoenix Risings string of attending and reporting on the IACFS/ME conferences.

Thats what Marly does. Bringing people together is her talent. PANDORA got together non-profit groups to ally on producing CFSAC recommendations. Marlys letter to Dr. Unger brought advocates under one banner to call for change at the CDC and got Marly and other groups one and one meetings with the CDC. Every time I see Marly at the CFSAC meeting shes on her way to meet Congressman/women and Senators to advocate on behalf of CFS. She has no problem nabbing someone in an elevator getting her pitch in before they got off.

This is another easy way to get money into the ME/CFS Community. The ME/CFS Community richly deserves $25,000 - so let's take Marly's good works and convince the Jewish Federation of America that ME/CFS is the place they want to put their money.

All you have to do is go to this site, enter your email address and vote.


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