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made it through another bday!

so happy and though i had a good time soooo relieved that i made it through one of kids bday dinners...we go out on their bdays its always so hard as i know many of you know to go anywhere and do anything..doing the least thing causes more fatigue and pain afterwards...with the social anxietys and phobias its always extra hard and i dread it so much..though i love my kids more than anything and try to "act" as normal as i can...

i didnt drive so i took anxiety medications actually doubled up on that and took morphine to help with the pain while out and it worked..i was so happy my kids had a great time and they brought some friends along...and it went so good: )
its nice to have something good to happen...i am wiped out afterwards of course but it was worth it...

it was a nice surprise to and i was really shocked that the restaurant wasnt very busy it usally is..I did pray hard as always before going anywhere so perhaps God cleared out the place lol so i would be more comfortable..


Good. I'm glad. I'm relieved.

(But the poor restaurant owners should pray harder.)
"(But the poor restaurant owners should pray harder.)"

thats cute...they are usually very busy so i guess maybe we just went at a time when something else was going on somehwere..but they are a large chain chilis and seem to always be busy..

i took the advice id read on here and paced myself today..usually i try to do whatever needs done all at once so i only have to get out once..but hubby needed something done with car two things and i did one thing and didnt overload like i usually would by doing both in same day...im not happy have to go out again sometime though my anxiety was high as always and i had to take medications when home i know the pain would be worse and fatigue if id done both..so im triing very hard to keep this anxietys undercontrol
I'm so happy to hear about your birthday success and your pacing success. Doesn't it feel good? It makes me feel I have some measure of control over this out of control illness when I can pace and actually see it making a difference in how I feel. I'm also glad you didn't have to drive so you could take your meds, I know how anxious it makes you to drive. Good news Hurtingallthetime.
Im glad things worked out well for you.

My brain went and read your thread title wrong. I thought it said "Made it through another baby" so thought you had a new family addition..
thanks for the replies the encouragemnet means alot..it took so much for me to not over do it.....the anxiety and social phobia is just so overwhelming that i go into a panic and try to do everything as fast as i can all at once so i dont have to get out again....it felt somewhat good though still alot of anxiety to tell myself that i was only going to do one thing at a normal pace instead of walking like a mad woman away from a burning building or something...though as everyone knows theres always the crash afterwards from doing the least little thing..but the pain and fatigue wasnt as bad as usual when i over do it....and ocean it did feel good to have some small control over something finally....thanks for all the advice from everyone in helping me to overcome all my issues...of course im always dreading whatever i may have to do next but at least i got one thing out of the way...and i think i did it more normal than my usual...

taniannust1 thats funny a new baby..i can see that you saw that it does look like that but no more babys for me...

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