Lynn Gilderdale, Casuality of M.E./CFS, but a 17 year courageous survivor

If anyone has not read the story about Lynn Gilderdale, a 31 year old British woman who became ill with M.E. at age 14 and died in December 2008, please do so. It is a devastating sad story but also one that shows how brave Lynn was. After 17 years of being bedbound and on morphine, her life ended, but like Skye Dailor, and Sophia Mirza, and EVERY other person whose life has been taken one way or another by this disease, she is never to be forgotten. There are many stories about Lynn online but here are a few links. She was also featured at age 14 or 15 I believe in a documentary on M.E.,which shows her with her pet hampster on her chest. It is very heartbreaking to she her as that child and to know she was never able to get out of that bed again.


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