Lumbar Puncture..Not so bad

Sooo I have had great days! I am resting during the week and having close to normal life on weekends, I am running around and trying to participate more on family activities.

This vitamin powder is really doing the trick. Unfortunately now that I am seeing progress I have to stop the imunovir for one month. I am trying to decide what to do to maintain my current state.

I had a lumbar puncture yesterday to rule out MS. Was not so bad after all the horror stories I read about. I am in bed resting making sure I do not get the headache, So I decided to sacrifice two days and rest completely so I recover fast and without incident from it.

The procedure: I got to hospital and they drew A LOT of blood. Then they took me to a RX machine and the Doctor put anesthesia on spine. As he started inserting the needle, I cried like a baby because I wasn't numb enough. So he stopped, put more anesthesia, then I didn't feel a thing. Layed flat for one hour in Hospital then they sent me home, and I have been in bed since. I have a minor discomfort in back but nothing major. So far so good!!!


Don't over due it! I should have this test but I too have read the stories. Hopefully you didn't travel too much Inester7.
No travel, I had it at local hospital. I am so happy I did the test. It feels like when they poke you for epidural or when you have surgery and need anesthesia. Not any worse than back period cramps. I think that he used Xray to guide himself, is less traumatic on patient.
Good to have that done. How long before you get results?

Do you have to go off the imunovir because it has to be cycled?
Results in one month but I will try to pester them until I can get them. Yes the imunovir has to be stopped every 6 months for one month so i don't build resistance to it.
I hope you manage to avoid the headache. It sounded horrific that you wasnt numb enough. I'll be so scared I think if I ever get one of those done

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