Low Blood Volume / OI treatments

I am trying more from http://www.cortjohnson.org/treating...onic-fatigue-syndrome-mecfs-and-fibromyalgia/

Dr David Bell said something like low blood volume can't be fixed. I wonder if he believes that or if it was in a certain context. I don't have the link now, but I will find it.

I don't know whether to buy an abdominal binder, higher compression socks, or ?

(30-40 mmHg would help but not as much. 40-50 mmHg would be hard to get on and off, and probably too uncomfortable for me. I am only doing 20-30 mmHg now but it's not enough help.)

I would like to try a g-suit for times where I walk or stand more (continuously), but if I buy one, will I end up using it?


Is low blood volume part of the set of problems that are based in the adrenals, or is it beyond that? I would guess adrenal improvements would help but I don't know how much blood volume is related directly to orthostatic and other adrenal issues.
I have some knee high compression socks but I can't make myself wear them much since I prefer natural material and don't really like things to bind on my legs. They may have helped a bit from what I remember.
I love my knee high socks. The material is like regular socks. They aren't hard to put on but they are only 20-30 mmHg. They help just not that much. I don't like the nylon stocking kinds but I guess I could get used to them.

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