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Liver update

My liver AST (I think it's called) was 74 last month, now it's 88. It should be under 40. I don't really know what that means or if it's a serious problem, but it's rising so I'm having more blood tests next week.

I brought all my supplements, and the doctor looked through all of them. He could rule out most of them but said he didn't know about PQQ, luetolin, rose hips, or citrus bioflavonoids. He said it's probably not them, but he didn't know about them so can't rule them out.

Liver tests like that can happen and go back to normal again after 'stress' has gone away - he explained he meant stress like illness rather than mental stress.

I have had rats where I live but the scale of the problem hasn't been huge. But it has been going on for some weeks now. So maybe there's a possibility it could be that.

It's probably not the weed brownies since I've been on them for maybe 9 months now, and I would have got a reaction sooner.

He's testing my cholesterol, and I've had little patches by my eyes get more visible that are linked to cholesterol - but I've had them for at least a couple of years. They're called xanthelasma (zan-the-laz-mah.

Another health mystery...! Maybe it will go away again, I'm not too worried. It seems likely that it's linked to having ME/CFS and maybe there's something I could change that would make it get better. He asked about hepatitis exposure, insect bites, fatty foods. I'll cut margarine, butter, cheese and yoghurt from my diet if I really have to, but it's not like I'm eating more of that stuff than I was before. I've been eating more yoghurt for the past 6 months... I guess it could possibly be that. A dietician recommended I do it, to get more protein in.

I also have a mole that looks a bit odd that I need to get checked, and I'm getting my head around having PCOS or questioning whether I really do have it. Apparently having cysts on your ovaries is not a sign of PCOS, plenty of women have that without having PCOS. The other factors I have seem inconclusive. I'm wondering whether it would be worth seeing an expert about it rather than a GP.

Also today I found out that the inhalers I have for my asthma are worth £60-70 and I only pay £9 for them through the NHS. I'm so lucky to get all this attention and medication for nearly free.
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This seems to be a very good site on elevated liver enzymes: https://www.restartmed.com/elevated-liver-enzymes/

He even says:
CMV and EBV (15) (both of which are very common) may also cause an acute spike in liver enzymes.

Some people also have good ideas in the comment section. The page is kinda long and likely most things won't apply in your situation but hopefully, it might give you some ideas what might be causing this for you.
@Judee thank you, I read that. Made me anxious for a second! I'm having more tests next week. Hopefully that will help us find the cause. I'm not overweight so it would surprise me if I have fatty liver disease. But insulin resistance is also a theme in PCOS which I also might have. So I wonder if I have insulin resistance. I got tested for diabetes last year and I don't have that. It's all confusing.

I really hope they find the cause. I've been relaxed about it because I'm not in pain. But I'm a bit afraid that damage is being done. If so, I want to make sure I stop it in its tracks.
@Seadragon that's actually WHY I got the liver test - because 1 doctor thought acyclovir might be hard on my liver. But since then, 3 other drs inc the specialist private one I saw all said that it couldn't be the acyclovir. I guess I could go back and see that 1 doctor if my next set of test results don't reveal the reason.

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