Listening to the pancreas

I got to have a bodywork session the other day with... well, she's basically a Magician.

She listens to my organs and tells me what they tell her.

My duodenum was all inflamed and there was something wrong with the pancreatic duct. Her theory is that the duodenum was not getting enough pancreatic enzyme, was bathed in too much HCL from the stomach, and that's why it's unhappy. (but, I think... is the extra HCL killing off the SIBO??!!)

She said that healthy people just bounce back from this kind of thing but I'm so vulnerable that every little molehill becomes a mountain (my words not hers.)

This person is a massage therapist with decades of training in visceral manipulation. None of the doctors I've worked with have ever had this level of ability to sense what's going on "in there."

I try to go see her every 3-4 weeks. I think one time she thought everything was "in order" - that was a very short appointment. Most of the time she notices something off kilter and nudges the organs back into where they want to be.

I wish everyone could work with this kind of person. It's a joy to see her practice.


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