Liposomal Vitamin C notes

Trying to find out how much liposomal compares in absorption and effective dose as the other forms:

From click here:
"Reports say that 6 g of oral liposomally-carried vitamin C is equal in delivering vitamin C inside cells, where it does its work, to 50 grams of intravenous vitamin C."

"A loading dose, for several months, of liposomal vitamin C is likely 2,000 mg three times a day, maintenance , 1,000 mg twice daily, increasing doses and amounts when needed."

this link also gives the recipe and mentions the following:

"Dissolve the lecithin in 1 cup (240cc) of warm or cold water, preferably distilled. Let it soak for a couple of hours or so. It doesn’t have to clump, so using warm water is preferable (not hot!)."
From click here:
"For an individual with no major symptoms or diagnosis that wants good general health: 1-2 grams is optimal. Simply take 1,000 mg, 1-2 x daily

"Extreme athlete or individual with major health challenges: 4-6 grams is optimal. Simply take 2,000 mg, 2-3x daily

"In cases of ‘extreme’ disease – like late stage infections, cancer or heart disease: 8-12 grams is optimal. Simply take 4,000 mg, 2-3 x daily"

Now this guy seems to think the method we use doesn't make any liposomes? click here
"All I can say is that the simple ultrasonic treatment of lecithin and vitamin C does not make liposomes. I have reviewed the sophisticated testing of two different such preparations. Both of them: zero liposomes.

However, the ultrasonic treatment does results in a legitimate emulsion, which is absorbed much better than just regular vitamin C. However, that is just absorption into the blood, not enhanced uptake inside the cells, as with liposomes.

So, such a preparation can certainly help the sick patient, and probably more effectively than just regular vitamin C can help.

It is important to realize, however, that the critically ill patient who continues to worsen while taking a homemade preparation has not yet had the benefit of liposome enhanced vitamin C uptake into cells, only the self-imposed illusion/delusion of that benefit. The enhanced intracellular uptake of the vitamin C, a critical unique aspect of a good liposome supplement, never occurs with the homemade preparation.

A couple of case histories in this forum thread here
I can say that Vitamin C IV works! In 1998, I was diagnosed with CLL - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia -- and was told there was nothing to be done -- except to watch the white blood cells and then have chemotherapy when they got too high...
Hi I notice that many people are using the IV SA (Vitamin C) 50 grams twice a week. This dose did not work for me. My tumour marker increased in fact, it doubled in three weeks and another tumour started to protude through my abdominal wall. I increased my dose to 100 grams daily then 125grams every third day. I started the IV SA the first week of July 2006 and by mid October 2006 my scan was completely clear. One tumour on the pelvic wall had disappeared and substantial tumours on the colon had vanished but the small tumour on my abdominal wall is still here but it has almost gone. My husband is a doctor and we decided to increase to 200grams daily....
And from the same site this thread seems to have some excellent info
I disagree with this statement. Whilst IV is a far better method and the fact that only 19-20% taken orally hits the blood stream, don't disillusion people from taken Vitamin C powder orally to correct serious diseases.

(Frederick) Klenner stated that 25 - 35 grams per day will control myeloid leukaemia and gives examples of cures. Abram Hoffer MD has amazing results with oral vitamin c combined with selenium and niacin (B3). I used Hoffer's protocol to rid myself of the worst of the worst leukaemia's - myelofibrosis. This is 100% fatal (except in my case).
Here's the basic recipe
With this method you get about 75% encapsulation vs 90% on the store bought stuff. Basically take a little more and you are still saving huge amounts of money.
This makes about 14 oz of product.
Vitamin C
3 level tablespoons of soy lecithin (45cc). Make sure it is GMO free and organic if possible.
1 level tablespoon ascorbic acid powder (15cc)

Dissolve the lecithin in 1 cup (240cc) warm, NOT HOT, water, preferably distilled. You can use cold water but it dissolves much faster if slightly warmed. If the water is hot, it will clump rather than dissolve.

Dissolve the ascorbic acid in 1/2 cup warm water, preferably distilled.

Pour both solutions together into a wide mouth mason jar or other container that can accommodate the stick blender.

Blend until it forms a cloudy, homogeneous mixture in about 2 minutes.
Refrigerate and you're done. You will have to calculate the dose you are taking by the amount of Vitamin C in the product you use. For example, I bought a an ascorbic acid powder that will give me 12 grams of Vitamin C in 14 oz of solution. When I make this I am going to add enough extra Vitamin C to make 1g/oz.


Hi @sregan I found some hints that Dr. Levy, who thinks homemade liposomal C isn't really liposomal, has some kind of paid position at Livon Labs, which sells liposomal C. So my own thought is not to count on Dr. Levy - his opinions could be biased.
I love liposomal C. When I high-dose it (4000mg+ per day) it give me a real boost. I wish they could or would make it with MCT or coconut oil instead of omega-6 heavy soy or sunflower lecithin. I also wish I could afford the store bought or wasn't too lazy to make my own. LOL I have a jewelry cleaner for making it but the process is a little bit of a PITA so I don't do it. I may take my own advice and try it with a blend of MCT and sunflower lecithin one day in the near future. If I do I'll let you know how it goes.
@South - I was thinking as much. In his article he mentions: "If the reader thinks I will say anything to help LivOn and hurt the competition, then there is not much point in reading further. If someone wants to be cynical about my intentions, that's their right, however misguided they might be."
See this link: regarding Liveon Labs. "The summary of his invention is that high quality liposomes may be created using only a blender, water, alcohol and vitamin C - and that these liposomes are better than the ones produced by LivOn Labs! It’s no wonder that LivOn Labs purchased this patent! "
Angry: The idea that there is a simply procedure to create something that could help millions and millions and a**holes will try to hide or discredit it so they can make $$$. Is that the only thing that matters any more!
@sregan The link you posted seems to be have, for free, a proven recipe to make lipo C, that he seems to have researched as being better than some other recipes on the Internet - and he's simply giving away the recipe. :)

Although his how-to page ( ) lists a sort of obscure brand of lecithin he uses, I found more common brands have the same percentage of phosphatdylcholine that he uses - about 23% - so people could use some of the more common brands to do his recipe. For example:

And he posts a proven version that only needs a blender, no special machine.

I wonder if we started a new thread in the Phx Rising forums, based on this recipe, if many people would try it and report?
The alcohol is essential to successfully making liposomal vitamin C.

I wanted to make some for myself but I only got as far as looking at ultrasonic cleaners. The better ones such as Sonic 6X or Sonic 6D, better as in more ultrasonic power than the person with the website cost less than the one he purchased but are still very expensive. Approaching £500 here which is a bit steep.

I use some sunflower lecithin myself already and have quite a bit of the stuff. Unfortunately I have no alcohol to help make the stuff and getting that really strong stuff is difficult, or an ultrasonic cleaner to make a better quality preparation. I am not convinced that making it with a blender is very effective at making liposomal C. I do not remember whether he did any testing without using his ultrasonic cleaner. He has posted to a number of forums, including the vitamincfoundation forum.

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