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Linus Bert is dead RIP 31.5.24


So sorry Linusbert. It's never easy. I've had to do it too many times. I'm sure he gave you good memories.
yes we had.
how do you handle this so often?

So sorry to hear that - he's a beautiful cat!
he is, though original i didnt think so at first, i thought his sister had the more beautiful patterns, but then he grew on me.

we got them from animal shelter when they were little, they were really sick. actually we just wanted to get his sister at first, because i was suggesting a 2nd cat for my girl friend as she had a tough time at that time.
we asked for the most troublesome kitten in the shelter, because my girl wanted to heal a problem cat.
that was his sister.
we adopted him along because we didnt want to separate them at first but planned to give him away.
but after the first day it was clear that happy cheersome cat isnt going anywhere.
yes we had.
how do you handle this so often?
Glad you have the memories. He was a pretty boy, and a nice story you have.

Handling it is never easy, yet as with many things, the way through it is through it. I always had dogs, and as pack animals, eventually the pack will 'put down' an old dog. I saw myself as doing what the pack would do. I value life very much, and fight for it, and as long as my dogs fought for theirs, I fought alongside them. But in each case, a day came where I didn't ask the question "is it time" anymore, and understood that they were existing, not living. That is a point that can't be defined, but I believe it can be known when it arrives. I can't say it is a comfort, but the joy of having them far outweighs the empty footprints they leave behind.
I'm sorry your kitty passed away. He was so beautiful and such a faithful companion to you. It's really hard losing our friends like that.

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