Like pregnant

So week's summary. I was doing so great but I crashed and burned Tuesday, So I had to miss work. The crashed send me to an emotional tailspin. I don't know how I manage to get so despaired when before I have gotten so much worse, I guess ones patience goes down over time.

I got better and was in the office all day wed, and have being progressing slowly. I would say I am even higher than base before the crash. So the last 2 crashes leave me better than base. I was telling hubby maybe I should crash on purpose and help the process along.:lol: Of course he thought it to be the a bad idea. :mad:

A lot of the old symptoms are gone: IBS, muscular pain in legs (have it on shoulder now), Sleep is So much better, Acne is gone, Cold and hot spells, Angina pain is gone.

Things that are worse: BRAIN :eek: OMG I am like high or completely dumb to a point where my processing info for my name can go up to one minute. It is weird this time because I can work and read but is like I feel in this haze and I am extremely ADD (just saying not sure I am really ADD). People talk to me and I cannot understand what they are saying and process nothing.

Also my POTs is worse than ever, or because I always felt so bad that I couldn't notice, but I feel like pregnant, the nausea, the Dizziness Is the weirdest thing, like I am drugged or drank, is a very different dizzy.

Note: I know I say a lot the word weird, but most of the pains, dizziness and everything is So not like anything I experienced before. I do try to describe close to something I know.


I had pretty good remissions with my pregnancies after I became ill. But like you mention - brain fog was awful. It was that porridge brain all pregnant mothers seem to get (as far as I've seen) but with extra fog and gloop.
I hope you get a good remission too.
Congrats on the baby :)
Oh shell tx! but just feel like pregnant (the sick feeling) I am not having a baby.

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