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Let's Talk Butyrate,again, Part 2

Top 22 Science-Based Health Benefits Of Butyrate And It's Derivatives - Continued

8) Butyrate Is Both a Cure And An Enemy In Case Of Addictions
Butyrate containing drugs are a double-edged sword when treating addiction. In alcohol-addicted
rats, supplementation of their diet with sodium butyrate lessened the quantity of alcohol the animals consumed. It was also shown that phenylbutyrate can reduce the desire for cocaine in rat model of cocaine addiction. On the other hand, there is increasing evidence that butyrate can act in concert with such drugs of abuse as cocaine, helping to establish certain behaviors caused by the addiction.

9) Butyrate Has Anti-Cancer Properties
The possibility of using butyrate for the treatment of cancer was entertained as early as the1980's. In a trial of sodium butyrate for leukemia treatment it was established that the drug is too easily eliminated from the body to be really effective. It was also shown experimentally that butyrate is able to destroy cancer cells in cancer cell cultures which may result in :
* cancer cell death
* the partial self-destruction of the cancerous cells
* prevention of nourishment for the tumors
But butyrate is not effective enough on its own in whole organism .

10) Butyrate Can Help With Weight Loss
Supplementing the diet of animals with sodium butyrate can prevent obesity. In animal studies, butyrate caused obese mice to lose 10.2% of their original body weight, and body fat was reduced by10%. In rodent models of genetic or diet-induced obesity, supplementation of butyrate in the diet was shown to suppress weight gain in part by caloric intake and by increasing energy expenditure.

11-12) Butyrate May Be Good For Balancing Blood Sugar
Butyrate was also shown to improve various aspects of diabetes. People with diabetes have an imbalance of gut flora. A review of the evidence reported that butyrate can have positive effects in both animals and humans wIth type 2 diabetes. In mice, butyrate makes pancreatic cells sensitive to insulin. It was shown in young diabetic rats that sodium butyrate protects and supports insulin-producing cells and prevents the release of sugar into blood.

13) Butyrate Can Help Treat Allergies
It is shown that sodium butyrate has decreased several parameters characteristic for allergy in mice with allergic rhinitis.

14) Butyrate May Help Autism
There are at least two studies on mice demonstrating that treatment with sodium butyrate is good for autism. It was shown in mice that addition of sodium butyrate improves autistic behavior. But it is also know that propionic acid, a chemical relative of butyrate (also found in the gut), can be used for creating autism-like behavior in mice and rats. Such contradicting results indicated this issue should be researched more extensively.

15-16) Butyrate Can Be Useful In Alzheimer's and Huntington's
Butyrate can be beneficial in protecting nerve cells. Sodium butyrate and phenylbutyrate are effective in Alzheimer's. Those drugs improve memory in afflicted mice by increasing gene activity in relevant brain areas. Phenylbutyrate also prevents protein accumulation in the brain.
Sodium butyrate was also demonstrated to be beneficial in a mouse model of Huntington's disease.

17) Butyrate Is Good For The Mitochondria
It was proposed to use butyrate with lipoic acid for prevention and treatment of radiation injury. Butyrate can protect cells against radiation because it is good for cells "energy factories"-mitochondria which are often destroyed by radiation.

18-19-20) Butyrate Protects The Liver, Pancreas, and Heart
Butyrate helped to improve liver disease in animals. Sodium butyrate was also reported to protect the pancreas from damage, also it can prevent atherosclerosis. Butyrate is thought to interact with key genes that make cholesterol, possibly reducing cholesterol production.

21) Butyrate May Increase Red Blood Cells
Due to butyrate gene-influencing activity, it can switch on the hemoglobin gene that works during development of the child in the womb, thus ensuring the appearance of properly working red blood cells.

22) Butyrate Can Kill Certain Bacteria Directly
It was recently found that n-butyric acid can directly kill Salmonella ( a bacteria that causes
salmonellosis and severe diarrhea) and Clostridium perfringes (causes gangrene).
Moreover, butyrate can directly influence gene activity in Salmonella, making the bacteria less dangerous and vulnerable to killing. At present butyrate is used mostly for treating salmonellosis
in poultry. Recently, the researchers discovered that butyrate can destroy the cell wall in
Helicobacter pylori- a bacteria causing gastritis.

Not enough butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut can lead to serious problems:
* Ulcerative colitis (UC)
* Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
* Crohn's disease
* Diarrhea

Butyrate - Precaution and Side effects
* Good to take a break from it.
* May cause some addominal discomfort and gas, especially when you first start taking it.
* Excessive intake may actually disrupt the gut barrier.

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I am reporting research only, not promoting the sale of any supplements .


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