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Let’s Murder a Disabled Person

Yeah, maybe that's the first thing that came to mind when he woke up yesterday morning...


Yeah, I should probably explain.

So in between storms last night, I decided to go out for a short ride into the rather brisk early evening. To take in the scene, I sat near the side of the road, on 20th street. Yep, I was simply checking out the clouds and watching traffic (after having been marooned inside garage all day).

A car slowly approached, and the driver started shouting at me.

“You better get out of here or I'm going to kick your ass!”

I just looked at him, because at first, I thought he was joking. I thought that maybe it was somebody who I knew, or somebody who knew me.

“I'm fucking serious, get the hell out of here. Now!”

I still wasn't sure if the guy meant what he was saying, until he waved a gun in my direction.

“I'm not going anywhere until you leave,” he added, while temporarily parked in the middle of the street.

I thought about calling 9-1-1, but I figured he might well shoot me on the spot. Nope, I did not want to agitate him any further. I also did not audibly respond, for the same reason. And I couldn't see his license plate either, but he was driving one of those nondescript little SUV station wagon looking things. A white one.

Based upon many dozens of YouTube videos I've seen in the past few years, the guy was acting out, just like one of them there political nut jobs. A fanatic, perhaps. Not only was he angry, I perceived him to be unintelligent. That's right, he looked angry and stupid, all at the same time.

Pale complexion. Thick neck, veins protruding and visibly pulsing. A close cropped buzz cut, shaved clean on the sides.

“I'm moving right over here and I'm watching you,” he explained, probably not wanting to block traffic. Or something. Who the hell knows.

His vehicle moved up against the curb.

If I were to roll away, well… I didn't want to turn my back on him, but what choice did I have?

To test out his intensions, I made a few brief semicircles on the street, adjacent to the sidewalk… not wanting to appear intimidated as a result of him threatening me. Unfortunately, no other cars were passing through. I could have waved someone down, or at least, found a potential witness.

Slowly, I started working my way towards Bell Road. And in response, he slowly headed in the opposite direction. But every time I pause to look back, he also stopped his vehicle, likely monitoring my actions.

This cat / mouse game continued until he pulled halfway into a driveway down the street. I'm guessing he was pulling into his own residence. So it looks like he's a neighbor. Wonderful!

So now I'm wondering if I need to get my own gun. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to do in that kind of situation, not being able to physically defend myself anymore?

Back when I was a normal regular person, I could have at least more confidently defended myself with words. Or ran away. Or physically attacked the other person. Or something. I was in good shape. I worked out. Yeah, I was fairly strong. Very athletic. And back then, nobody messed with me.

So yeah, I think I'm going to look into getting a gun. Something to carry with me when I go out and about in the neighborhood.

Where I'm staying now isn't the safest place. At least, it's not very safe outside the gated community.

Hmmm… I really don't believe in gun toting as being the best idea overall, but really, I can't hope to fight anybody or defend myself reasonably well while being stuck in a wheelchair. And there's no way I'm just going to hide indoors and never go outside, right? So maybe tomorrow I'll ride down the street in the daylight and see if I can figure out his address.

This whole thing seems pretty messed up, huh?

Now that I think about it, the guy probably thought I was homeless. I do look like I'm in pretty bad shape, especially right now. Vulnerable, I guess. So maybe he's one of those homeless vigilante people. You know what I mean, the kind of person that goes around and murders homeless people for fun. Perhaps I should look more wealthy when I go out next time.

In this instance, I couldn't find any warm clothes, so I was inappropriately dressed (considering the chill in the air). No one seems to know what happened to my jacket. Or my hat. Or my other warm clothes. And I guess that's what happens when it's usually a thousand degrees outside year round, people tend to misplace your warm things. Ha!

In addition, I'll probably go out and ask some of the homeless folks (in the immediate vicinity) if they are familiar with this guy, or if they've been threatened in such a way. I feel a mission coming on. A project. I mean really, I need to do something about this - something to keep myself empowered. I'm not going to let that asshole get away with intimidating me.

Take care,



That’s pretty awful.
I’m sorry to hear that happened to you.
Since you believe they may live near you, could you identify their car or house? It sounds worthwhile to make a police report. If you have the energy and means to. Even in apocalyptic times, it’s still useful to report people when they pull a gun on you 😜 That person sounds pretty unhinged. Prayers of protection for you and your wife. Strange times on planet earth.
Holy Toledo Batman! I probably would have come close to shitting my drawers. You are a good investigator........I just know you will get the info you need...........I'm glad you aren't going to let this coward off that easy.

I got myself into a kind of scary situation one time while visiting Hastings. (Nothing compared to your gun encounter). I was at their coffee/snack counter and this man was giving the young female employee all sorts of guff about how the coffee wasn't hot enough. She was basically all but trembling and apologizing left and right. She gave him another coffee and soon he was back this time yelling louder at her. He was a ticking time bomb this one.

I felt anger rise up in me the way he was treating her and I felt like saying something to him. Now, if a friend of mine was in this situation I would have said ...........no way............don't even say anything. He looks like he is going mad. But before you know it words came out of me and all I simply said was......."you can always get coffee at another place." The straw that broke the camels back. His eyes turned some kind of color and he started yelling at me...........YOU BITCH!!!! and all sorts of other things as I was walking out to get to my truck which was parked right in front.

I got to my truck just as I noticed him coming after me. There was a time pre CFS, I think I could have defended myself...........but not this time...........my body just felt too fragile. I felt the adrenaline rise and found myself taking a firm stance. I looked at him with a glare of the devil......stretched out my arm and pointed right at him and with fire in my eyes and out of my mouth I yelled to him not to dare take one more step toward me. My voice might have even sounded like Darth Vador at that point! The dragon inside of me had come out. The stance was all I had. I almost felt like i had some unseen power and guess what ............lucky for me he stopped in his tracks. Lesson learned for me. I went against my intuition to say anything.

I did find out later from that young girl behind that someone had called the police and he was kicked out of the store with orders that he could not return.

Be careful out there Howard and good luck with your project/investigation.
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First off, I laughed all the way through this post, at the absurdity of your encounter with the gun-wielding vigilante neighbor and for the fact that you didn’t get murdered. Where I come from—a city of psychopaths, basically, otherwise known as Boston—it’s okay to laugh at such misfortune, so as long the victim wasn’t injured or harmed in any way. Although, it’s now dawning on me that you are probably mentally scarred from the incident.

If you do choose to go out into the streets again, my best (unwanted) advice is to come prepared with a sign that you can drape around your neck which reads the following: “I’m Your Disabled Neighbor. Just getting some fresh air. Please don’t shoot. Thank you.”

Stay safe.
Well, you're at it again already, Howard. At first I thought you were writing fiction, then a paragraph made me realize that it really happened.

Yes, this is our sad society today. What makes me really mad is that now you'll probably go out and buy a gun in order to feel safe....and we'll have one more weapon on the streets. I don't blame you, though, and I hate the feeling of unease that we're all forced to live with.

@Tammy.....I think you were exceptionally brave to talk to Mr. Nice Guy (who picked on some poor waitress) the way you did. I truly do wonder what is wrong with people today, the cause(s) of such behavior and how are we every going to get out of this pathetic loop that is now our lives?

Here in TX. we still don't have any answers about the delay in the police going in for the children in school in Uvalde. Why??

We should truly think about the meaning of the word "peace" in the next few days, and we should definitely press for more mental hospitals and proper therapy. Not two weeks and then you're finished.

I'm glad you're all safe and try to stay that way. Yours, Lenora
Even in apocalyptic times, it’s still useful to report people when they pull a gun on you 😜

Normally I would agree with you - if I could defend myself better. But seeing as it took place in my own neighborhood, I've got to take care of the issue myself. Unless I get some concrete evidence, video proof, witnesses... something that would put this guy in a difficult legal position.

My best bet is likely finding his Facebook page, and then mocking him ceaselessly!
I got myself into a kind of scary situation one time

Wow. Crazy story. For some reason, I could totally see you doing that. Reacting that way.

Minus the ptsd, at least you're able to sleep at night, knowing you did something.

When I was younger, I used to get into fist fights, in efforts to protect the less capable. I mean, yes I was being a good person (overall), but I was also angry quite often, and looking for a fight. But I never got into fights unless the other person deserved it. In my estimations. Lol.

I'm sure your guy has been in prison for the past decade. I don't know why I kind of but that's what I think I know. :)
If you do choose to go out into the streets again, my best (unwanted) advice is to come prepared with a sign that you can drape around your neck which reads the following: “I’m Your Disabled Neighbor. Just getting some fresh air. Please don’t shoot. Thank you.”

Right. I've got to sell myself as being... Ummm

Well, I don't quite know why this crazy dude was so outraged. But I'll have to assume he's assuming I am a homeless person. Or perhaps he's a member of the master race, trying to exterminate the less fortunate. Really, he should point the gun at himself.

Also. I could dress better. More impressively. And I could look less physically ill. Ha! So I guess that's on me.

Hope things are going alright, out there on the far coast.
..and we'll have one more weapon on the streets.

Right. But I guess that's how the game of escalation works. My other option is just to stay indoors, in a safe place all the time. And I am not a safe person.

Anyway, I hope your Christmas Day festivities are festive. Same to everybody else, hope you're having a happy holiday season thus far.
Hi @Howard......He may have been quite drunk and on drugs. One never knows what sets people off.

I personally wouldn't report him because he would know it's you, and his personality may be something you don't want to deal with.

And therein lies a lot of the problem. When we were younger, people felt free to approach parents about their child's bad behavior. Today, even teachers are worried about a backlash from the parents/and or child. No safety, is there?

Did you see the driver? If so, and if you know he's a neighbor, talking to him and explaining that you're handicapped may be the way to go. How did we become so afraid of each other? When did this occur?

Yes, Xmas is going as per most Christmases....we're exhausted and our youngest daughter and her family arrive tomorrow. Rod fell asleep at 5:00 p.m. last evening (after visiting our daughter here & having a very early dinner) and didn't get up until after 8:00 p.m. Me, as per usual, not much sleep. I was glad he slept so long...but that shows you what the holidays can do.

Well, buck up, enjoy something and know that you're in the thoughts of many. After all....2024 is around the corner. Yours, Lenora

I'm so sorry this happened to you, Howard.

I recently learned that folks in Arizona are allowed to carry guns, which I thought was pretty wacky, and now someone has brandished their weapon at you. Yikes!

I hope there is a special place in hell for folks who target the elderly, disabled, and homeless. It happens in my crime-ridden city quite a bit, and it's disgusting.

I have no solutions to offer, just my empathy. I'm so sorry this happened to you, Howard.

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