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I am now a year older than the age Alison Hunter was when she died of
ME in 1996. I am 20 years old. Alison Hunter had suffered,
horrendously, from ME for 10 years prior to her death. Her symptoms
included seizures, paralysis, gastrointestinal paresis, heart damage,
massive ulceration to her throat, horrendous neurological problems and
overwhelming infection.

I have had ME for 12 years though fortunately not as badly as Alison
Hunter. My ME seemed to be triggered by a virus of the gut when I was
8. However the exact cause of my many unpleasant symptoms (pain,
nausea, partial paralysis, *brain fog*, extreme tiredness and lack of
stamina, hypersensitivity) was unknown to me and my family untill last
year when some Mitochondria tests gave a glimpse of at least part of
what is going wrong.

Apparently they are very, very similar to many other ME sufferers
results, essentially ATP (energy) production not working properly, low
antioxidant and mineral status and blockages in the translocator
protein membrane (the shunt that moves ATP across the membranes in
order for the ATP or 'energy' to be used by the body.) I also have low
thyroid levels. Nobody knows exactly what causes ME sufferers to have
these defeincies. But it is proof that my symptoms do have a physical
side and are not merely caused by my being an overindulged girly as
suggested by certain members of my local NHS.

As well as giving me low stamina levels my problems also accelerate
aging and causes immune problems. There is no patented cure, nor are
these tests avaliable on the NHS

I have been crocetting wristbands to raise awareness and funds for the
new centre. There are 2 different designs and they are 2:50 each. I
think this new centre is crucial if the ME community wants to move
forward, towards better understanding and care for people like Alison
Hunter and myself

So please e-mail info@investinme.org to buy my wristbands and raise awareness of the suffering endured by teenagers with ME and funds to found a centre to provide a better future for them

You can find out more about Alison Hunter here http://www.ahmf.org/

You can find out more about me via my blog www.rosalindamor-spaceofameguineapig.blogspot.com

Find out more about the centre and the campaign to found it here www.blog.ldifme.org

After youve bought them please join the facebook group to upload your photos and comments (if you have facebook) www.facebook.com/groups/402159386477114

Note; as they are handmade you may need to wait a while to receive them View attachment 3247 View attachment 3248
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