Let me ask you this...

I occasionally have days when CFS has become too much. I cannot trace back to the breaking point and there is rarely a single event that pushes me over the top; there is just a day like any other that becomes too big. Today is such a day.

And there is the inevitable question: What to do? I do not want to lie here and be miserable, obviously thats no good. If I were healthy, I would take a walk. I would walk and know that it would set me straight. I would walk and feel my troubles shake down to the soles of my feet and be crushed with every step. But walking is not an option.

Somebody tell me, if you know; how does a person regain patience when the pain and exhaustion of illness has taken hold?


Do you mean physical or emotional breaking point? If physical, the only thing that helps me is laying down with my eyes closed for the entire day and night till bedtime. Some hot herbal tea comforts me even though it doesn't help my symptoms. If you mean emotional, reaching out to people here, or to a loved one who understands helps me. Also maybe distracting myself with something light, like a silly tv show or reading something dumb like a tabloid might distract me for a while and take my mind off things. I'm sorry you're having a really down day and I hope you find some comfort today from somewhere. Sending hugs.
sorry you are having such a hard time....hopefullyy someone will have great info and advice for you...it is so hard to find anything much to help....a hot bath helps sometimes, heating pad...pain medications...if you have friends or family near you hopefully they can comfort you by just dropping by and sitting with you or something...

these illness take so much from us...i keep getting worse and its so hard because i use to be so independent and do so much...i take medications and do what i can laying down in between....thankfully doctor prescriped stronger pain medicaton and every once and awhile i take a walk with my kids which i use to love being outside and walked ALOT almost daily exercised alot...have a great love and appreciation for nature and animals...i hope you find something that helps and brings you comfort...it is very hard to be so ill my days are prety much same lay down do a little sometimes if can lay down again....im unable to do anything without the medications...unless i drive to get something that hubby or kids cant then i have to take medications afterwards..

im not saying the medications is right for everyone jsut saying what helps me....if you dont have a good knowledgeable doctor about these illness find one...that makes a huge differnce...the medications take the edge off somedays better than it does others...the pain always there and fatigue..but im learning im not the busy active fun person i use to be the illness took that away along time ago so i try to find joy in little things...i have to lay down majority of time and enjoy a tv show...talking to my kids...watching the cats play...talking to my elderly ill aunt...just little things...

hope you get lots of great ideas and advice....
Ocean;bt6639 said:
Do you mean physical or emotional breaking point?
Ocean, Today I think it was/is a little bit of both. I hurt physically, and mentally I just feel TIRED. I think sometimes CFS just wears me out. It surprises me, though, how much a few words like yours can bring immense comfort. Thank you for taking the time. I am going to watch a silly tv show now -- yes, I'm sure you are right -- that is the thing to do. Thank you again.
hurtingallthetimet;bt6640 said:
Thank you for writing. Your story is similar to mine in that we both share a love and appreciation for animals and nature. I have been unable to go outside today -- watching the birds is always a good thing to do. Wish I could take some stronger pain meds -- I have developed an intolerance for almost all medication. I think after years of trying so many, my body finally said it would not tolerate any more. Oh well. Thank you so much for writing and giving me a sense of being less on my own. It is terrible to know that other people suffer with CFS too, but it is also a kind of comfort. Thank you for your sharing and support, I truly appreciate it.
hello liz...have you talked to your doctor about changing medications? or upping dose? im sensitve to alot so it took awhile to find anytihng...the thing that has helped me is the morphine...i am sedated with it..but i can go on walks with kids..not hikes or marathons or anything but it helps to where i can at least take a short walk once or twice a week or two...

hardest is having to go somewhere i have to drive because i never ever take anything and drive...the whole time i am in constant pain....i walk like a speed walker..trying to stop myself for doing that and pace but i have panic and anxiety and i tend to freak out and walk fast to get in and out of anywhere as quick as possible...i tend to overdo it because of the panic and ill load buggy full whole time telling myself not to but i want to make as few trips as possible...im still working on pacing myself..as with most the pain and fatgiue is worse after doing anything and i take medicatioons whne come home..

if you have a good doctor then talk to them and ask about something to help with the pain...theres so many new medications out now maybe something will help. these illness are horrible and take so much away...its sad to go from being so healthy and active to having to take morphine to go on a walk...or take it after getting grocerys...i wish more testing would be done and more understanding...im tired of the pain and fatigue...but your not alone...i hope you have alot of family and friends to help you...maybe if you havent put a bird bath and feeder outside your window...or plant flowers that draw birds to them...
Liz, I know the feeling. I think the emotional and physical exhaustion often go together. It's hard to feel good emotionally when you're so exhausted and drained physically. I hope you found something light to boost your spirits.

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